Abhorrence in a sentence

Definition of Abhorrence

Extreme aversion or detestation; the feeling of utter dislike or loathing. [Mid 17th century.] | (obsolete, historical) An expression of abhorrence, in particular any of the parliamentary addresses dictated towards Charles II. [Late 17th century.] | A person or thing that is loathsome; a detested thing. [Mid 18th century.]

How to use Abhorrence in a Sentence?

  • She hated them because all their sweet abhorrence found no deliverance or revenge for her.
  • Her tone was full of abhorrence for this traducer of the man she loved and trusted.
  • To intimate my doubts of his veracity would be to provoke abhorrence and outrage.
  • Was it an abhorrence of tenements, or a growing fastidiousness as to the methods?
  • Here again, the underlying sentiment is the abhorrence of human recklessness and extravagance.
  • That the habit of excess in the use of wine is an object of unqualified abhorrence and disgust.
  • I never saw in the rebukes of my neighbours any thing but laudable abhorrence of vice.
  • She felt a sudden abhorrence of mingling with the fire-crazed crowd that surged before her.
  • It evinced a deep and settled abhorrence of crime, and an inflexible determination to punish it.
  • She has her little scandal about the archdeacon and her womanly abhorrence of that horrid Colenso.
  • The Jewish abhorrence to mixed marriages and "the bed of the uncircumcised" is well known.
  • My hand was wet with blood, and as I withdrew it, the wild abhorrence of the thing came upon me.
  • For I abhorrence see, impressed upon thy brow, And noble anger, that contendeth with surprise.
  • The handsome face was expressive of contemptuous abhorrence and her gesture emphasised the expression.
  • In five years' time you made yourself the terror and abhorrence of your messmates.
  • A shudder of abhorrence passed through her as she remembered the fox-hunt, and her passion of jealousy.
  • Supposing her father had made her assist him in the care of the derelicts solely to fill her with loathing and abhorrence for mankind?
  • But while waiting, his musings turned to hateful thoughts of all his kindred, and abhorrence of all good.
  • A movement of abhorrence from me, as her insipid confidante turned away, attested the triumph of the poet-actress.
  • Your abhorrence of pride and ingratitude is no farther genuine, than, as it operates against your own pride, your own ingratitude.
  • We can never honour Voltaire too long nor too deeply for the vehemence and sincerity of his abhorrence of the military spirit.
  • He trained up the youth to worship the gods and stand in awe and abhorrence of devils, but he never mentioned even the name of woman to him.
  • They have also an abhorrence of robbery, and are likewise remarkable for the virtue of continence, being satisfied with the possession of one wife.
  • He was received in an ominous silence, for he was held in abhorrence almost as much by the pagans as by the Christians.
  • They find that this pacific God forbids persecution, and views with abhorrence the persecution of his servants.
  • Dolph soon became the abhorrence of all drowsy, housekeeping old citizens, who hated noise, and had no relish for waggery.
  • She speaks with contempt and abhorrence of the whole sex, and advises Phoebe to despise all the men as heartily as she does.
  • She speaks with contempt and abhorrence of the whole sex, and advises Phoebe to despise all the men as heartily as she does.
  • They perform the dances of the Guinea negroes, and imitate the attitudes and language of a race which they hold in abhorrence and contempt.

Short Example Sentence for Abhorrence

  • No words can express my abhorrence of them now.
  • Let not abhorrence spring within my heart!
  • Her parents had the same abhorrence of Jewry.
  • The "sneak" and the "coward" are the abhorrence of youth.
  • Evidently he was not unique in his abhorrence of the crush at the end.
  • One man sees no harm in things which another regards with abhorrence as evil.
  • Marmaduke shrank back, and gazed upon the aperture with abhorrence and dismay.
  • The Erewhonians regard death with less abhorrence than disease.
  • I used to express my abhorrence of it to a priest whom I met with.
  • If God did not punish sin, where were His holy abhorrence of it?
  • Most persons feel an abhorrence ---- snakes.

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