Able in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Able

1. But they were not able to score. 🔊

2. I shall be able to manage. 🔊

3. None shall be able to boast that he has betrayed me. 🔊

4. I was able to reach Lhassa with the upward post. 🔊

5. I longed to be respected, but I never was able to rise. 🔊

6. She longed to be able to speak one word to some friendly creature. 🔊

7. They were scarcely able to thank the Prince for his goodness. 🔊

8. Then he would be able to pay every one, and have some time to rest and think. 🔊

9. But I only made myself sick; I was not able to learn to chew tobacco. 🔊

How to use Able in Sentences?

1. He is my guest, and can have anything and everything this house is able to furnish. 🔊

2. Julia says that we shall then be able to afford to give fifty pounds a year for a house. 🔊

3. She was always cheerful; and she was always able to communicate her cheerfulness to others. 🔊

4. We have not, however, been able to find any sufficient reason or foundation for such an opinion. 🔊

5. If I can speak to Banfi this evening, you may be able to escape the same night. 🔊

6. But sometimes life seems so sad, that I do not think I shall be able to bear with it any longer. 🔊

7. Stedman was not able to determine the authorship for me, as the verses were new to him, but the authorship has now been traced. 🔊

8. He would have been able to do a number of things he had never done, things which he had always desired to do. 🔊

9. So far from being able to see how these things can hang together, it seems evident that they are utterly repugnant to each other. 🔊

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