Abolishing in a sentence

Definition of Abolishing

present participle of abolish

How to use Abolishing in a Sentence?

  • So it is also in the matter of abolishing and maintaining religion for the people.
  • There is a real chance of abolishing war, and establishing a more or less universal peace.
  • In abolishing the turbulent and prejudicial Streltzi, he is accused of great cruelties.
  • The revolutionists in Holland had not followed the example of the French in abolishing the Lord.
  • They chose to add another provocation of the secession which they had planned as the means of abolishing slavery.
  • Yet it would be foolish even if it were possible to attempt to return to nature in the sense of abolishing civilization.
  • The scientist has a more radical remedy; he wants to annihilate the laboring classes by abolishing labor.
  • Want was about to commit self-destruction in abolishing poverty, tears and the despair of suffering humanity forever.
  • He began by abolishing the system of rewards for the capture of towns, and he forbade plundering on pain of death.
  • Similarly their Lordships declared in favor of abolishing the fee of thirty pounds of tobacco required for registering surveys.
  • Has not our own weapon turned against us, Science abolishing with authoritative hand the very truth we are asking it to define?
  • You know he dishonored the law of Moses by abolishing sacrifices and offerings altogether, and nailing it to his cross.
  • He has reconciled man with God by abolishing death, and with death sin, which is the strength of death.
  • Further, an act abolishing the alcabala, a vexatious internal revenue tax, gave a great stimulus to freedom of commerce throughout the country.
  • And so, humbly following these illustrious precedents, I advocate the abolition of poets because poets are rapidly abolishing themselves.
  • That eminent statesman had many a conference with Rammohun Roy on the propriety or otherwise of abolishing this shocking practice.
  • Meanwhile the National Assembly had been abolishing all titles of nobility; the vast estates of the clergy were confiscated.
  • One thing more was wanted, an amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery everywhere within the jurisdiction of the Government.
  • They are circumscribing the power of ruling classes and abolishing their exclusive privileges which control of the state has made it possible for them to defend in the past.
  • Falsely are our churches accused of abolishing the Mass; for the Mass is retained among us, and celebrated with the highest reverence.
  • It was a regular criminal tribunal whose existence dated from the passing of the statute creating it and continued till another statute should pass abolishing it.
  • Every society, on abolishing private property will be forced, we maintain, to organize itself on the lines of Communistic Anarchy.
  • The Congress of the United States passed a law in 1824, abolishing arrest and imprisonment for debt.
  • Such illustrations of exceptions to the rule of green plant feeding simply have the effect of abolishing the distinctions which the diet question might be supposed to raise between animals and plants.
  • How can they help observing that their allies, instead of pretending more sanctity than other men, are some of them for levelling all religion, and the rest for abolishing it?
  • Nations whose political organization made the government dependent upon public opinion, had already begun to yield to the demand of abolishing slave trade.
  • Have we not been fifteen years plotting rebellion against our neighbor republic of Mexico, for abolishing slavery throughout all her provinces?
  • If the horror of the excesses of an absolute monarchy furnishes a reason for abolishing it, no monarchy once absolute (all have been so at one period or other) could ever be limited.
  • So-called regulation has, therefore, given way very largely in progressive communities to the second ideal of repressing or abolishing the outward evidences of vice as far as possible.

Short Example Sentence for Abolishing

  • But no, you seem determined on abolishing the whole.
  • Moret law, abolishing slavery, III, 243.
  • What was the real purpose of abolishing all titles of nobility?
  • It is legal only as abolishing a first and original compulsion.
  • The furthering of an economic entente by abolishing tariffs, etc.
  • Act abolishing the L. C. C. passed in Parliament at a single sitting.