Abounding in a sentence

Definition of Abounding

Ample, plenty, abundant. | present participle of abound | An abundance.

How to use Abounding in a Sentence?

  • One has the sense that one is in the presence of abounding yet disciplined vitality.
  • The more we see of the world, the more we see it abounding in contradictions and inconsistencies.
  • How great was my surprise at learning that these were the remains of a man abounding in honours and in riches.
  • They found goats and foxes abounding on each, but no indication that a human being had ever been there.
  • To one who has not lived in a mountain country the abounding beauty of those sequestered regions is unknown.
  • What an influence a game so abounding in intellectual teaching must have exercised on the society where it prevailed, can scarcely be computed.
  • Up to this point the vegetation everywhere abounding had not indicated the presence, or even the vicinage, of the cinchona.
  • But, the book must be commended for the keen, eager spirit of its narrative and the abounding interest of its romances.
  • Whether the abounding confidence of the prophecy or the anxious doubt of the vision would come true, only the future could tell.
  • Again, between the terrace ledge and the forest lies a square of velvet green, abounding in four-leaf clover.
  • Sandy, Gravelly, Gentle Streams, and smaller Rivers; not so much abounding in Brooks.
  • But it is for the abounding richness of its life, both past and present, that I visit it again and again.
  • This very substantial work, abounding in facts, conceived after a systematic plan, has aided us much in this study.
  • The pottery bazar, abounding in blue glazed ware of graceful shapes, and a number of shrines of saints, are the only objects of interest.
  • It was a poor-looking place in a sinister neighbourhood, abounding with evil-eyed Dagos and cut-throats of all kinds.
  • But Patricia only smiled the more at this and Judith gave her up in despair of making any impression on her abounding good humor.
  • The fruit belies not its name, abounding in a sweet water; it is three-celled, and contains numerous flat seeds; the scent is very fragrant.
  • It is one of the open street markets of London, lined with barrows and coster stalls, and abounding in low public-houses.
  • This abounding grace is manifested in the gift of Jesus Christ, by whose mediation our reconciliation and salvation are effected.
  • How beautiful seemed its oak-groves, its meadows, its abounding springs of cool, sweet water, and its clear, bracing air!
  • Americans are beginning to realize the wealth of green food abounding in their gardens and fields, which they have too long abandoned to their beasts of burden.
  • Smith rarely mixed his abounding romance with his geography; he is as sober and trustworthy in topographical description and in map-making as he is imaginative in narration.
  • He was highly cultivated in classical knowledge, abounding in anecdotes of the revolutionary crisis, and extensively acquainted with prominent characters.
  • Here we find a style abounding in literary allusions and classical quotations, and evincing a generally patronizing attitude toward the author under discussion.
  • His table was strewn with antique and curious volumes, many of them abounding in the wild and marvelous, and in these his whole soul seemed absorbed.

Short Example Sentence for Abounding

  • When there were no fountains abounding with water.
  • They had abounding faith in those days.
  • They prove her abounding wealth.
  • You have plenty of wits and abounding common sense.
  • Bloody; abounding with blood; plethoric.
  • Ballard was young, fit, vigorous, and in abounding health.
  • Rimose: Abounding in chinks, clefts, or cracks.
  • In Gloucestershire, but abounding over England.
  • Successful love is a thing of abounding pride, and we had to be secret.
  • Thus abounding in love, we shall be unblameable in holiness.
  • The whole world does not present anything in its way more abounding with life.
  • His conversation was delightful, abounding at once in rare and simple charms.
  • Than these ravishments are The castles abounding in Spain!
  • I feel thy spirit haunt the place, Breathing of order and abounding grace.
  • I see beyond the rolling main Abounding wealth reserv'd for Spain.

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