Above in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Above

1. Tremblingly he presses above the star. 🔊

2. An arrow had struck her just above the heart. 🔊

3. But perhaps, merely as a generalisation, the above may hold good. 🔊

4. Here we were to leave Lake Palti and mount the pass that stood above our camp. 🔊

5. With the above arrangement of the disks the solution is as below: Move G.c. 🔊

How to use Above in Sentences?

1. Is there nothing in existence which rises above this passivity of the material world? 🔊

2. I see it rising above all these, and planting itself in the radiant seat of truth. 🔊

3. The second scheme of fatalism rises above the first in point of dignity and purity of character. 🔊

4. Sheet-lightning flickers above the mountain crests, painting everything white for an instant. 🔊

5. It simply declares the thing to be a contradiction, and as such, placed above all power. 🔊

6. Gray made a clutch at the gun above his head, but the next moment withdrew his hand. 🔊

7. At the end of this oval saloon, raised a few feet above the floor, stands a purple ottoman. 🔊

8. The result is a scramble, an individual example of which I have tried above to describe. 🔊

9. We would not place mathematics above God; much less would we place him below mathematics. 🔊

10. Even the naming of a high rate and the jingling of a bag of rupees in their faces would not make them raise the above figure. 🔊

11. It is of course equally correct to write the above as two sentences each, replacing the semicolons by periods. 🔊

12. Gigantic perpendicular rocks rose up on each side of them, only above their heads shimmered a narrow streak of starry sky. 🔊

13. Far to the north they could discern the golden towers of an immense palace rising high above a large and prosperous city. 🔊

14. Aim at your man's leg; not at the knee, not above the knee; for those are dangerous spots. 🔊

15. The great winged Victory above the bookshelf showed back of the singer's dark head. 🔊

16. As we understand it, the very idea of liberty, as above set forth by the author, is a direct negative of his doctrine of necessity. 🔊