Absolution in a sentence

Definition of Absolution

(ecclesiastical) An absolving of sins from ecclesiastical penalties by an authority. [First attested around 1150 to 1350.] | Forgiveness of sins, in a general sense. [First attested around 1150 to 1350.] | The form of words by which a penitent is absolved. [First attested around 1350 to 1470.]

How to use Absolution in a Sentence?

  • An incident now occurred that induced me to reconsider my promise and get absolution from it.
  • What is certainly known is, that he made no effort to secure absolution from the excommunication.
  • The word of absolution is not for me to speak while you think of forsaking France.
  • For the exercise of priestly absolution was another essential feature of Babylonian religion.
  • She hung on my last words as if I were giving her absolution from a mortal sin.
  • But I maintain that the cigarettes were impeccable, and crave absolution for myself.
  • They announced that absolution would be given freely to all who accepted the Creed of Nicea.
  • The magistrates of the city send to Rome for absolution for having allowed the Prior to preach.
  • According to Stubbs, he began to "squeak" at last, and called for absolution on his death-bed.
  • First, by deep penitence the wrong atone, Then absolution ask from God alone!
  • At the siege of Barcelona, the monks refused absolution to all who remained faithful to Philip V.
  • He was horrified as he reflected that he might not obtain absolution when he confessed the awful language which was addressed to him.
  • They were interrogated for the most part concerning the penances imposed, and the absolution pronounced in the chapters.
  • But his voice was stifled by the piercing sounds of the drums by which the sale of absolution for sin was announced in the streets.
  • Several times they believed themselves on the point of foundering, and the two priests gave absolution to all.
  • I would not for a thousand crowns have had such an idea of you, and you can never win absolution from me excepting by giving them.
  • She appealed to the judge in her manner of saying that; appealed as for the absolution which she had earned by a cruel penance.
  • Thereupon the bishop orders refusal of absolution in confessions, excommunicates, and proceeds in the outer court.
  • It seemed to him to be an insult to the human understanding that any man, even a pope, should grant an absolution for crime.
  • To take the power of high God for the managing of pueblo matters was not a thing to grant absolution for!
  • He only felt as if his heart ought not to be so light and peaceful, while his penance was still unsaid, his absolution not yet pronounced.
  • The magical power of giving absolution and remission of sins is still claimed in our national Church.
  • If a prisoner falls into mortal sin, being unable to find absolution at death, he may be damned easily.
  • Oppressed by her conscience, she reveals her fatal promise to Norma, and implores absolution from her vows.
  • And he tells me to go away and come back when I am ready to promise, and that he will give me absolution then.
  • I am sorry to say, however, that none of the audience, even with the plenary absolution in advance, were inclined to take a chance on it.
  • Church absolution is an eternal protest, in the name of God the Absolver, against the false judgments of society.

Short Example Sentence for Absolution

  • And the melodious absolution falling on my sins.
  • And they gave him absolution as speedily as might be.
  • Then you and your absolution may go to the devil.
  • O grant us absolution and relief!
  • What does absolution mean in the lips of a son of man?
  • She had given Ollie absolution before all men.
  • He always gave me absolution and I was happy.
  • The Absolution 214 II.
  • The Scriptural authority for Absolution is found in Matt.
  • But the terms of this secret and the conditions of my absolution are peculiar.
  • Its erection was an attempt to steal absolution for the sins of its citizens.
  • If the Son of absolution be there, his absolution will rest.
  • For your soul's cure I absolution give....