Abstraction in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Abstraction

1. To me the abstraction is impossible. 🔊

2. May abstraction keep him dumb! 🔊

3. The reason for their abstraction occurred to him. 🔊

4. The first abstraction is to him the beginning of thought. 🔊

5. Pure metaphysical abstraction does not belong to these matters. 🔊

6. Is it something, or is it nothing but an abstraction of our mind? 🔊

7. This, however, is not an arbitrary abstraction by the psychologist. 🔊

How to use Abstraction in Sentences?

1. Neither the blood nor the spirit spoke in them, only the law, the abstraction of the average. 🔊

2. But in this abstraction from all outward things, his worldly affairs went ever lower down. 🔊

3. Plainly our nation is not some abstraction that haunts the marble halls at Washington. 🔊

4. A One which is not many is as absurd an abstraction as a whole which has no parts. 🔊

5. Architecture, on the contrary, delights in Abstraction and fears to complete her forms. 🔊

6. The other condition of architectural treatment which we proposed to notice was the abstraction of imitated form. 🔊

7. The antinomy we are considering arises from considering one side of the truth in a false abstraction from the other. 🔊

8. She watched him for a minute or two, and his abstraction was so deep that he did not feel her presence. 🔊

9. If we consider conduct in a certain abstraction from the practical setting in which it is performed such a conclusion can be drawn. 🔊

10. Any impression is thus a starting point for attitudes and reactions and it is an empty abstraction to consider it otherwise. 🔊

11. Glancing at her over the top of the lifted chart, his attention was arrested by the intense abstraction in which she was plunged. 🔊

12. They elude the ordinary reader by their abstraction and delicacy of distinction, but they are far from vague. 🔊

13. So of past ages, seen through the haze of an abstraction which removes all circumstantial features of deformity. 🔊

14. The first essential requisite of profound thought is abstraction from the distractions of all matters except the one in hand. 🔊

15. He has found out a truth by comparing an abstraction with an abstraction: that is, he has begun to reason. 🔊

16. She accepted it with an air of abstraction and puffed slowly, blowing out a thin stream of pale smoke. 🔊

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