Accomplished in a sentence

Definition of Accomplished

Completed; effected; established. | Having many accomplishments, often as a result of study or training. | Showing skill and artistry.

How to use Accomplished in a Sentence?

  • Joan accomplished much in the way of by-product to this satisfaction of her vanity.
  • Noor-ed-deen was one of the most accomplished characters which the East has exhibited.
  • Think of what hath been accomplished by Him since first it was given to me to look upon your face.
  • Such is the task which Leibnitz has undertaken to perform; let us see how he has accomplished it.
  • Nor can I see, now, where we accomplished anything beyond killing time the following day.
  • If General Washington had had a Mr. Davis over him, could he have accomplished what he did?
  • The system was worked experimentally for some years, and is now an authorised and accomplished fact.
  • Beyond this, he realized that he could have accomplished nothing; the advantage would have been hers.
  • He had a delicate purpose in view and it took him some time to hearten himself sufficiently to carry it out, but at last he accomplished it.
  • Having accomplished this transformation the spirit gave her to the chief of the trouts, and the pair glided off into the deep and quiet waters.
  • But no; if any good is to be accomplished by these confessions, the reader must walk with me through the dark labyrinth which follows.
  • He was fearless, he was untiring, and when once started toward an end he knew no rest until he had accomplished his design.
  • On the other hand, when speaking of the development of narrative prose, we should remember what we have already accomplished in that line.
  • This, of course, must be accomplished without interfering with the regular functions of the telephone line and apparatus.
  • Man's age-old dream of conquering the air was now, for the first time, an accomplished fact.
  • He accomplished more for the improvement of Spanish literature with his well-timed satire than all the laws or sermons could effect.
  • They have since accomplished a great deal by introducing an organised corps system among Indian transport.
  • Santos-Dumont attempted this with his 4th and 5th machines, but it was not until he built his 6th model that he finally accomplished it.
  • All this, as we shall see hereafter, has been most gloriously accomplished by the death and sufferings of Christ.
  • Afterwards, in visiting that accomplished and lamented gentleman at Naples, we requested to hear an animal possessed of so unusual a gift.
  • The present Government has successfully accomplished more Liberal Legislation than any of its predecessors.
  • An examination of what was accomplished at the very ends of the earth with a few soldiers and a small band of missionaries will it is believed reveal the reasons for this verdict.

Short Example Sentence for Accomplished

  • Think what you have accomplished in these few days!
  • Whatever was to be accomplished must be through her.
  • For how genial and accomplished a man was the criminal!
  • It was accomplished in about forty-eight hours.
  • The boxing matches accomplished several results.
  • But how have I accomplished it?
  • I have accomplished that which my Lord has set me to do.
  • You who have seen what my Lord accomplished for us before!
  • Vincent had the reputation of being an accomplished all-around entertainer.
  • There is a tradition that success was finally accomplished by whipping.
  • I have accomplished almost domesticating myself at this charming villa.
  • Nothing great has been and nothing great can be accomplished without passion.
  • She was the most accomplished of her accomplished class, and the most willing.
  • In his slow way he had accomplished what Stephen had merely talked about.
  • This accomplished pet was bought and presented to Madame, who accepted him.
  • All I accomplished was the formation of our small Blaisaman.
  • None had ever accomplished that feat save the Rajah Onalba himself.
  • Professor Virchow is, I doubt not, an accomplished English scholar.

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