Accomplishments in a sentence

Definition of Accomplishments

plural of accomplishment

How to use Accomplishments in a Sentence?

  • She had him instructed in all the accomplishments fitting for princes of those times.
  • The accomplishments of life are in nowise productive of effeminacy or enervation.
  • The youth is charmed with the fine air and accomplishments of the children of fortune.
  • This intercourse will probably lead to something like accomplishments among the young people.
  • Some of them will profit more than others from the manners and accomplishments which they will observe.
  • But there are particular accomplishments to his credit which should go down upon this popular record.
  • Is it generally known that among the accomplishments of his after years was that of music and an instrumental performer?
  • They will know all these things, besides possessing the accomplishments which are only meant to be dessert in matrimonial life.
  • His tastes and accomplishments were many and various, and he was very young-hearted and enthusiastic in the pursuit of them all his life.
  • Nature is very wise; but for this encouraging principle how many small talents and little accomplishments would be neglected!
  • Besides this, her beauty and accomplishments could have easily secured for her a home and affluence, had she so desired.
  • Most of our education aims only to give him lingual expression; and drawing and music are considered accomplishments merely!
  • They were a fine race of hunters, horsemen and boatmen, and possessed all the accomplishments of the voyageur.
  • To her accomplishments and materials of knowledge, she now found suddenly superadded, the necessity and the practice of thinking.
  • Then, if he is of the stuff that heroes are made of, perhaps he may distinguish himself by his daring accomplishments in the air.
  • These he educated, and taught the highest accomplishments of the day, sparing no labor or expense for the purpose.
  • Yet its accomplishments were highly creditable; and had the war lasted a little longer they would have reached great proportions.
  • They were trained to all warlike exercises; their amusements were wrestling and sham battles; their accomplishments singing martial songs.
  • Bertrand remained with his uncle at Rennes until he was sixteen, and learned from him all the accomplishments necessary for a knight.
  • There is one little machine, which, when the final retreat was sounded and accomplishments were reckoned, had covered itself with glory.
  • In the late fifties a young man of very attractive manners and extraordinary accomplishments appeared in St. Peter.
  • Galileo was remarkable, even in his youth, for mechanical genius, and also for his accomplishments in painting, poetry, music, and song.
  • This man had taken pride in his accomplishments but he had become saddened by his inability to present himself to the citizens in the way that they revered him; as living strength.
  • And so educational accomplishments which would bring wealth and honor in a great city may be detrimental to happiness and a drag on duty in an isolated position.
  • His figure was not less remarkable for elegance than strength; and he particularly excelled in all those manly exercises and accomplishments in which grace or activity are required.
  • Who does not know instances of women of high possibilities, who have quietly sacrificed the pursuit of their own accomplishments to the tendance of some brilliant self-absorbed artist?
  • The youth, beauty, and accomplishments of the victim of this outrage made him a favourite with the people, and there was a universal clamor for revenge.
  • She recognizes, moreover, no distinction in rank, but strives to acquire as many accomplishments and as refined manners as any other person.
  • Needs no testimony either to his intellectual accomplishments or his moral worth; nor, thanks to his own virtuous diligence, does he need any patronage.
  • It is a common error that to send a girl into a boarding-school to finish her education is to bring her out a model, not only in learning, but in accomplishments and character.

Short Example Sentence for Accomplishments

  • But these high accomplishments are beyond me.
  • Her accomplishments belonged to her boarders.
  • He was contemplating the accomplishments of a week.
  • All lighter accomplishments you will of course eschew.
  • But with this her intellectual accomplishments are exhausted.
  • His progress in other accomplishments was almost parallel with this.
  • Victorine was not without accomplishments and some smattering of knowledge.
  • Moreover she possessed all the accomplishments and discipline of a lady.
  • Far from being discouraged, they point to their accomplishments with pride.
  • Necker had none of the charms and accomplishments of the young French woman.

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