Acknowledged in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Acknowledged

1. He had in no way acknowledged it. 🔊

2. He acknowledged every crime imputed to the order. 🔊

3. Smith acknowledged to a severe attack of the Buck fever. 🔊

4. All these crimes had been acknowledged by various members of the order. 🔊

5. Your benefits were acknowledged with all the enthusiasm of peasant gratitude. 🔊

6. Rome has never acknowledged her errors nor admitted her moral defeat. 🔊

7. I acknowledged this touching act of thoughtful delicacy by raising my glass. 🔊

8. Stephen hated Vetch with all his heart, but he acknowledged him. 🔊

9. Since reaching years of discretion, I have preferred acknowledged fiction. 🔊

How to use Acknowledged in Sentences?

1. And the success of this sally was acknowledged by a general laugh from the company. 🔊

2. Of these about two-thirds acknowledged the truth of the principal charges against the order. 🔊

3. This petition was presented on the fifteenth, and acknowledged on the seventeenth. 🔊

4. But the connection, if it ever existed, is acknowledged to be extremely remote. 🔊

5. You know that Frank has acknowledged to increasing fondness for intoxicating drinks. 🔊

6. Ali at first refused obedience, but he finally acknowledged the successor of the Prophet. 🔊

7. How had she read those secrets of his soul that he had never revealed to any one, scarcely acknowledged to himself? 🔊

8. The two coarse sieves mentioned above are employed only, and it is to be acknowledged that the results justify the procedure. 🔊

9. He acknowledged that he had put them to the torture, but said that he did not believe them to be Templars. 🔊

10. Our evidence is based, to a very great extent, on the communications of missionaries who are acknowledged to be scholarly and sober men. 🔊

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