Acknowledged in a sentence

Definition of Acknowledged

Generally accepted, recognized or admitted. | simple past tense and past participle of acknowledg | simple past tense and past participle of acknowledge

Short Example Sentence for Acknowledged

  • 1. He had in no way acknowledged it.
  • 2. He acknowledged every crime imputed to the order.
  • 3. Smith acknowledged to a severe attack of the Buck fever.
  • 4. All these crimes had been acknowledged by various members of the order.
  • 5. Your benefits were acknowledged with all the enthusiasm of peasant gratitude.
  • 6. Rome has never acknowledged her errors nor admitted her moral defeat.
  • 7. I acknowledged this touching act of thoughtful delicacy by raising my glass.
  • 8. With their confirming smile and nod, they acknowledged their new friendship.
  • 9. So Cloud acknowledged them for his children and took them into his kee.
  • 10. The campaign in Gallipoli is a tacitly acknowledged failure.
  • 11. Stephen hated Vetch with all his heart, but he acknowledged him.
  • 12. Since reaching years of discretion, I have preferred acknowledged fiction.

How to use Acknowledged in a Sentence?

  • 1. And the success of this sally was acknowledged by a general laugh from the company.
  • 2. This petition was presented on the fifteenth, and acknowledged on the seventeenth.
  • 3. Of these about two-thirds acknowledged the truth of the principal charges against the order.
  • 4. But the connection, if it ever existed, is acknowledged to be extremely remote.
  • 5. You know that Frank has acknowledged to increasing fondness for intoxicating drinks.
  • 6. Ali at first refused obedience, but he finally acknowledged the successor of the Prophet.
  • 7. How had she read those secrets of his soul that he had never revealed to any one, scarcely acknowledged to himself?
  • 8. The two coarse sieves mentioned above are employed only, and it is to be acknowledged that the results justify the procedure.
  • 9. He acknowledged that he had put them to the torture, but said that he did not believe them to be Templars.
  • 10. Olivia acknowledged this approval with a smile and a blush, as she went about the drawing-room trying to give it something of its former air.
  • 11. Need we then be surprised that, beguiled by the hopes held out, numbers of them readily acknowledged all the charges made against their order?
  • 12. Our evidence is based, to a very great extent, on the communications of missionaries who are acknowledged to be scholarly and sober men.
  • 13. Only in a few cases he acknowledged with his usual candor, and at once, at the meeting itself, that a true answer was returned.
  • 14. It was not, of course, an ordinary topic of conversation, but it was an acknowledged piece of family history.
  • 15. The method is acknowledged to be expensive, but any half-hearted measure otherwise taken will eventually prove to be even more costly.
  • 16. His education had been neglected; he looked upon me as his superior in mental powers and acquirements, and tacitly acknowledged my superiority.
  • 17. The Squire acknowledged it casually and had soon forgotten all such things in shaking hands with the visitor who had just come ashore.
  • 18. At length falsehood has been discovered by us to exist, and we have acknowledged that the Sophist is to be found in the class of imitators.
  • 19. We have, besides this, the acknowledged fact that, where other sins slay their thousands, drunkenness slays its hundreds of thousands of all ages.
  • 20. Its influence would at once have been acknowledged by them, and they would have backed out from the August Presence with obsequious genuflexions.
  • 21. It is an acknowledged fact that success often spoils the best natures, although to those on whom Fortune seldom smiles, this is hard to realise.
  • 22. It must be acknowledged that when not abused there are points in favour of its employment in preference to sodium sulphite, but these are outbalanced by certain disadvantages.
  • 23. Although it has never been officially acknowledged and its authenticity has been called in question, it states pretty accurately the motives and aims of the powers.
  • 24. The master he had elected was my father, in whom he acknowledged the authority of the head of the house, and whom he considered a mature and serious man.
  • 25. The merits of the travellers we have named as observers and scholars are freely acknowledged by Mr. Max Mueller himself.
  • 26. When the violinist appeared for his solo, he quietly acknowledged the cordial reception of the audience, and immediately proceeded with the business of the evening.
  • 27. That he was good-looking, in a big, blond, Scotch or Scandinavian way, she had acknowledged from the first.
  • 28. Had they bestowed half the pains in practising this craft that they squandered in wheedling a few shillings from us on the strength of it, they must long since have been acknowledged its masters.