Active in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Active

1. Use the active voice. 🔊

2. In 1908 was very active and flew several machines. 🔊

3. The active whistler deserved all the chums said about him. 🔊

4. As it happened, Joseph was soon to be in active service. 🔊

5. Use the active voice 19 11. 🔊

6. Hatchling tadpoles are active swimmers and have only a small amount of yolk. 🔊

7. The habitual use of the active voice makes for forcible writing. 🔊

8. The love of fame is one of the most active principles in the human breast. 🔊

9. This was the end of Scott's active service. 🔊

How to use Active in Sentences?

1. He was a stirring man in his neighborhood, fond of an active and out-door life. 🔊

2. A truly blood-thirsty member of that slim-bodied but active race, the weasel tribe. 🔊

3. With one, the active phase is the whole; with the other, the passive impression is the whole. 🔊

4. During the first year of the war he was active in driving out and maltreating Union men. 🔊

5. The active verb adheres to the person of the agent; as, Christ hath conquered hel and death. 🔊

6. He is active and laborious; understands Affairs, has a quick Apprehension, and a wonderful Memory. 🔊

7. Observations indicate that this species is active throughout the day, except during and immediately after heavy rains. 🔊

8. Aside from the breeding congregations, active toads were found on the forest floor at night; a few were there by day. 🔊

9. One month is probably the utmost effective life of an aeroplane on hard active service and it may well be a good deal less. 🔊