Acute in a sentence 🔊

Definition of Acute

Brief, quick, short. | High or shrill. | Intense, sensitive, sharp.

Short Example Sentences for Acute

  • 1. My sensibility is too acute for that. 🔊
  • 2. But you seem a pretty acute customer too. 🔊
  • 3. It is an acute observation, well worth being wrought out. 🔊
  • 4. Geum folio circinato acute crenato, pistillo floris rubro. 🔊
  • 5. But to her acute annoyance the opportunity was not afforded her. 🔊
  • 6. The nose of the wild boar is very acute in the sense of smell. 🔊
  • 7. The trouble becomes acute sometimes where wooden tanks are employed. 🔊
  • 8. Saxifraga foliis reniformibus acute crenatis, caule ramoso folioso. 🔊
  • 9. And what opinion has the acute reader by this time formed of Gammon? 🔊
  • 10. The distress was so unnecessarily acute for the cause that I resented it. 🔊
  • 11. The thrift I had advised scarcely met so acute a case of poverty. 🔊
  • 12. Now, do you suppose, acute reader, that Mr. Tag-rag was insincere in all this? 🔊

How to use Acute in Sentences?

  • 1. So acute did the trouble become that he afterwards spoke of it as a terrible disease. 🔊
  • 2. Do they ever prevent the uncovering of bones that makes the ways of acute sickness? 🔊
  • 3. The most acute perception of sound differences lies at about 3,000 vibrations per second. 🔊
  • 4. She continued long a prey to the most acute sorrow, and could get no sleep but from opiates. 🔊
  • 5. When Piecraft left the church he was in a state of acute depression and distress. 🔊
  • 6. Now and then I had acute hallucinations of a woman with an arrow of gold in her hair. 🔊
  • 7. Her acute hearing, that blessed compensation granted to the blind, had told her truly. 🔊
  • 8. His writings, erroneous as they are in many things, contain acute remarks on points of principle. 🔊
  • 9. Some new physiology evolved illustrated by severe cases of acute disease 34 IV. 🔊
  • 10. All the senses of my palate were of the acute kind, and so were a continual source of the penalties of gluttony. 🔊
  • 11. The essence of these manoeuvres is that they make it impossible for even the most acute enemy to guess which is our real direction. 🔊
  • 12. One of those strange, feminine silences of acute sympathy seemed to hold them for a while under its thrall. 🔊
  • 13. The lethal drink is taken because without it there is more acute suffering than from the want of a loaf of bread by the entire family. 🔊
  • 14. The feeling is far more acute when one has been unexpectedly baulked in one's desire for action. 🔊
  • 15. They are all of acute and legitimate speculation; but they do not conquer the difficulty in the manner demanded by the conditions of the problem. 🔊
  • 16. This eliminated the brain entirely as an organ that needs to be fed or that can be fed from light-diet kitchens in times of acute sickness. 🔊
  • 17. My acute cases began to be watched with hostile interest, as if homicide from starvation were the inevitable result in all cases. 🔊
  • 18. Mine seemed to be a weary stomach, in which the tired sense was a close approach to acute pain for hours after each meal. 🔊
  • 19. The grave accent is never noated, but onelie understood in al syllabes quherin the acute and circumflex is not. 🔊
  • 20. This certainly was the only part of my conduct which was not deceptive, for I was in the most acute agony. 🔊
  • 21. Two qualities in him especially contribute to this result, large constructive imagination and a marvellously acute power of abstract reasoning. 🔊
  • 22. As to the danger of death from mere starvation, the following remarkable case reveals how remote it is in the ordinary history of acute diseases. 🔊
  • 23. He was a sturdy youth with a dark, rather forbidding face, in which the acute observer might have read signs of the savage. 🔊