Admirable in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Admirable

1. Bertie was admirable with her. 🔊

2. It was an admirable dream, what there was of it. 🔊

3. The book is admirable both in design and execution. 🔊

4. And really she seemed to be an admirable young creature. 🔊

5. It shows an admirable method of supporting the back. 🔊

6. On the whole, he bore it with admirable patience. 🔊

7. He stood back to inspect a truly admirable job. 🔊

8. For this Florence offered an admirable stage. 🔊

9. The Admirable Contemplations of the Saint. 🔊

10. The admirable system of the establishment was equal to the emergency. 🔊

11. This was the last direct communication I had from the admirable man. 🔊

12. The admirable equipment of their arctic ships carries London to the pole. 🔊

13. Patrick also explained the whole vision of Brigid in an admirable manner. 🔊

14. The former is very richly furnished, and adorned with admirable Paintings. 🔊

15. His self-command is the most admirable worldly thing I have ever seen. 🔊

16. But the girl's admirable temper and even judgment secured the esteem of all. 🔊

How to use Admirable in Sentences?

1. My dear father, you have given us an admirable explanation of the personal view of death. 🔊

2. To certain ears this may have been an admirable prophecy of the Day of Judgment. 🔊

3. I am the more disposed to augur well of him from his having been for two years under your admirable guidance. 🔊

4. It is to this that the canvases owe their admirable freshness which makes them look as if painted yesterday. 🔊

5. We need not dwell on the admirable adaptation of the ant-eater to its position and to its few and simple wants. 🔊