Admirably in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Admirably

1. He was admirably patient. 🔊

2. It was admirably done. 🔊

3. In many respects it is admirably constructed. 🔊

4. This is the kitchen; is it not admirably arranged? 🔊

5. In fact, we did admirably by land. 🔊

6. The attitude, the dress, so admirably managed. 🔊

7. The figure of Jehovah is admirably expressed. 🔊

8. The contents were all admirably adjusted to keep a spirit in prison. 🔊

9. The laws in general had their course, and were admirably administered. 🔊

10. The characters that he presents are admirably drawn in bold, clear lines. 🔊

11. Anthony Trent's symptoms were admirably assumed. 🔊

12. How admirably would all this girl's knowledge contrast with Mary's ignorance! 🔊

How to use Admirably in Sentences?

1. There was not a gesture or a motion that was not admirably conceived, intensely dramatic. 🔊

2. Without being above the medium male height, he was admirably shaped by war, sport, and exercise. 🔊

3. Nothing could have been better done or more admirably conducted than the way the whole matter had been carried through. 🔊

4. The book is full of common-sense suggestions and is admirably adapted to the needs of humanity in general. 🔊

5. A polite inclination of an admirably turned head and neck concealed the sarcasm of this equivocal compliment. 🔊