Advancing in a sentence

Definition of Advancing

present participle of advance | The act of proceeding forward; an advance.

Short Example Sentence for Advancing

  • 1. He was advancing to take her hand.
  • 2. I was afraid he was advancing the money on that account.
  • 3. Meanwhile Bolivar was advancing by land.
  • 4. I expect Napier will be with the advancing troops.
  • 5. His army is advancing towards the Meuse.
  • 6. So advancing to the first dark man I greeted him in gypsy.
  • 7. His force was little more than a fourth of that of the advancing foe.
  • 8. He strode off with the step of a soldier advancing in battle.
  • 9. For the second time it served to cloak the advancing footsteps of the enemy.
  • 10. And, be it said, she had aided him materially in advancing his fortunes.
  • 11. Sperver bowed, then advancing to a window, he opened it wide.
  • 12. The Federals shrank from the advancing line of steel, and fled in dismay.

How to use Advancing in a Sentence?

  • 1. Dave noticed that his father was quite excited and kept watching the advancing runner.
  • 2. A boy was seen advancing through the crowd holding a magnificent geranium in his arms.
  • 3. A column behind a rebel flag was advancing straight upon us unchecked by our vigorous fire.
  • 4. After they had milled for twenty minutes without advancing a step Wallie lost patience.
  • 5. At night, the French were heard advancing again, the sound coming from all sides.
  • 6. But tonight, a few minutes before the finale came, Mary saw the usher advancing down the aisle.
  • 7. He was watching Hardy Atkins advancing on the dappled black that had tried to jump the bars.
  • 8. James Brand was a picturesque figure, advancing between the hedges this bright September morning.
  • 9. And, advancing like a chief, Draws his brother streamlets with him In his course.
  • 10. The din increased; the panic became general; the Union Army was advancing on Winchester!
  • 11. They perceived that the lights were advancing towards them, and that as they approached nearer they appeared larger.
  • 12. Their military science propounds that if the weight of the advancing column is greater than that of the resisting, the latter is destroyed.
  • 13. Dominic, advancing towards me from a distant corner, was but a little more opaque shadow than the others.
  • 14. Events had been rapidly advancing to that point for the last three months, slowly advancing for the last three years.
  • 15. He fell with the whole of that company which was advancing with him, save those that drew back; and these held stoutly to the banner.
  • 16. He did keep it, advancing from the doorway two or three steps toward her, till they met at the foot of the stairway.
  • 17. The Company and the private storekeepers were always more or less willing to risk their goods by advancing them on credit.
  • 18. The beaters, advancing from different directions, halt and fall into their places, completely barring the way.
  • 19. They walk haltingly, clumsily, uncertainly, stealing occasional glances at the advancing bridal party.
  • 20. He gave a start, however, as his eyes fell on the figure which was rapidly advancing towards them along the irregular crest of the hill.
  • 21. On approaching its termination, she was surprised to see a lady advancing towards her, dressed in deep mourning, and reading a book.
  • 22. On joyous pinions o'er the advancing host, Doth not triumphant conquest proudly soar?
  • 23. He pointed to a large, bearded individual, who, surrounded by probably a dozen other figures, was advancing toward them.
  • 24. They saw, advancing towards them, on the same road, a great number of lights, resembling so many moving stars.
  • 25. I saw a person from the other side advancing with a tray, and dreading to be supplanted, I looked up with desperate entreaty.
  • 26. I should like to look about me for another position, where I can make myself useful, and you shall help me by advancing a small sum.
  • 27. Joe, cautiously advancing a horny fore-finger, softly touched the moist, dimpled little hand that lay relaxed outside the coverlet.
  • 28. The wapiti and heavy large-headed elk or moose, retreat before the advancing civilisation of North America.