Affirming in a sentence

Definition of Affirming

present participle of affirm | The act of one who affirms something; an affirmation.

Short Example Sentence for Affirming

  • 1. A woman died who had passed her life in affirming the superiority of her sex.

How to use Affirming in a Sentence?

  • 1. Jesus by affirming the reality of a goodness in God and in man capable of conquering evil.
  • 2. There was a savage struggle still, the man affirming his right to die, and the woman denying it.
  • 3. He wrote a careful letter affirming the historic Nonconformist position about ministry.
  • 4. No one would ever think of affirming upon Arminian principles that whatever is is right.
  • 5. Monkey Brand was fond of affirming that on the whole the lads told the truth to Miss Boy.
  • 6. The stranger was arrested; but he defended himself by affirming that she had talked very loosely to him.
  • 7. He will at once point out that he is compelling us to contradict ourselves, by affirming being of not-being.
  • 8. We are affirming or denying the right of petition which by all law belongs as much to women as to men.
  • 9. Accordingly, there is not the least hypothesis for affirming that the soul does not essentially differ from the body.
  • 10. Not only have we no sufficient reason for believing that we know anything, we have none for affirming that we know nothing.
  • 11. Without absolutely affirming the fact, they led to the belief that they had passed some years since they left their vessels.
  • 12. I feel justified in affirming is, that I see no reason for believing that the feat has been performed yet.
  • 13. On the report of the committee as it stands, on the evidence before the House, what is the objection to either my affirming or taking the oath?
  • 14. You are in error, says the necessitarian to his opponents, in denying that motive, and in affirming that mind, is the efficient cause of volition.
  • 15. And the rumor went forth among very many, affirming this to have been the same cow revived by Saint Patrick.
  • 16. Racine described the case at full length, and so did Arnauld and Pascal, all affirming the genuineness of the miraculous cure.
  • 17. There being no ground for affirming that there is a God, is a different proposition from there being ground for affirming that there is no God....
  • 18. What then, if sense and imagination repugn to discourse and reason, affirming that universality to be nothing which reason thinketh herself to see?
  • 19. This association, together with other associations of builders, has issued a platform affirming our adherence to the fundamental principle of individual liberty.
  • 20. On the other hand, without affirming positively, it should be said that Nelson's own impressions do not seem to have agreed with Scott's.
  • 21. That experience gives us no reasons for affirming that, if the war had broken out ten or fifteen years later, the proletariat would have been more prepared for it.
  • 22. The marshal, being free to speak, began by affirming the obligation imposed upon him of making some comment upon the recent attempt to assassinate the princess.
  • 23. The parties which support these candidates, however, all agree in affirming that the election of its special favorite is the one thing that can give back peace to the distracted country.
  • 24. The marquise told all she had promised to tell, denying that she had any accomplices, and affirming that she knew nothing of the composition of the poisons she had administered, and nothing of their antidotes.
  • 25. By using negative major premises two other forms are obtainable: then, either by affirming the antecedent or by denying the consequent, we draw a negative conclusion.