Affront in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Affront

1. He who can receive no affront can give none. 🔊

2. He was awake, and was indignant at the affront put on him. 🔊

3. Did they thus affront the Lord? 🔊

4. There need be no affront to Tante, no alienation. 🔊

5. A disservice to him was an affront to Almighty God. 🔊

6. I am sure, Your Honour, that no affront was intended. 🔊

7. Any offense or affront to the individual was a mortal offense. 🔊

8. The man's conduct was a hurt and an affront to all of them. 🔊

9. It is indeed considered as an affront to cut the hair for any crime. 🔊

10. Be warned, and affront our sight no more with this wanton dress. 🔊

11. Ca m'aurait coute de faire un affront a ce garcon. 🔊

12. It is almost an affront to look a man in the face, without being introduced. 🔊

13. Ellison, however, meekly pocketed the affront and continued his walk. 🔊

14. Lord Marquis, it much misgives me that this scene is concerted to affront me. 🔊

15. The only danger I foresaw was the affront it might give Gloucester. 🔊

16. If I had a grain of power, I would affront you and call your presents bribes. 🔊

How to use Affront in Sentences?

1. Must you commit the affront of offering them to me in public, after using force to bring me here? 🔊

2. But he took no heed of the affront which I had offered to him merely to assert my authority. 🔊

3. For that is what it came to; this Ayesha took every opportunity to jeer at and affront me. 🔊

4. To a responsible professional man his extraordinary precautions were at once an affront and a challenge. 🔊

5. The conviction that great effort has been made and no progress achieved is the chief of the dangers that affront the beginner in machine-tending. 🔊

6. And, that no affront may be spared to me, my rival proposes negotiating his marriage at my own court! 🔊

7. But it is the husbands Gregorics has offended, for it is cowardly to affront people who cannot demand satisfaction from you. 🔊

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