Aggression in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Aggression

1. Was not this an aggression of administration against the people? 🔊

2. The acts of aggression were sure to recur; it was only the form that varied. 🔊

3. To beat back that spirit of aggression was the mission of Nelson. 🔊

4. In 1854 Southern aggression had nearly reached its culminating point. 🔊

5. This audacious attempt of the Turk is the old aggression under a new form. 🔊

6. Other acts of aggression followed, and the Company decided upon reprisals. 🔊

How to use Aggression in Sentences?

1. Conquest and aggression are foreign to our spirit, and foreign to our thoughts and ambitions. 🔊

2. After his day aggression by land was at an end; only by sea could the north invade the south. 🔊

3. The distinction between aggression and self-defense is, however, not a matter of agreement. 🔊

4. The conflict between the man's aggression and the woman's resistance reached its turning point. 🔊

5. But Llwellyn made no further movement of aggression and uttered no word of menace. 🔊

6. Let this truth be felt, and aggression becomes hopeless, and war ceases to exist among men. 🔊

7. It is the most straightforward way of meeting whatever plans of aggression Japan may entertain. 🔊

8. At last the neighboring powers, fearing the aggression of the Tepanecs, united and routed them. 🔊

9. In that capacity for aggression upon other classes lies the essential driving force of modern affairs. 🔊

10. Russia represents eastern mentality, which implies an unadmissible spirit of aggression and of conquest. 🔊

11. It is highly probable that aggression in man has been far more closely related to the emotion of fear than to any assumed predatory instinct. 🔊

12. She was conscious of a withdrawal, a closing of doors, a shutting down of her defenses in face of aggression and menace. 🔊

13. The surest barrier against foreign aggression in India is to be obtained in the contentment and prosperity of the people. 🔊

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