Agony in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Agony

1. Mauriri was in an agony of apprehension. 🔊

2. She knew his agony of soul. 🔊

3. Dicksie screamed in an agony of terror. 🔊

4. She knitted her brows in the agony of calculation. 🔊

5. Every line of his face proclaimed his agony of mind. 🔊

6. I pitied the agony of the professional weather forecaster. 🔊

7. It was pitiful the scream of agony that bear sent up. 🔊

8. On the third day his agony of thirst had become unbearable. 🔊

9. The agony was past, and Pathema was resigned. 🔊

10. The agony in his heart was therefore all the more unbearable. 🔊

11. She reached out her thin arms to him in an agony of supplication. 🔊

12. The poor waif suffered many hours of agony alone in his garret. 🔊

13. He himself, lying in his death agony as it were, told me the story. 🔊

14. Others, more reverent, suffer the agony of augmenting shines. 🔊

15. Your Mother's name was an agony on your lips. 🔊

How to use Agony in Sentences?

1. In the centre of the great lofty room he lay and wrestled with an agony that was almost unceasing. 🔊

2. I had never seen him weep before; his had always been agony rather than sorrow. 🔊

3. There was an agony of hope in the appeal, as of one who sees at hand unexpected deliverance. 🔊

4. I tried to call out, but in that moment of agony and horror my tongue refused to articulate. 🔊

5. He longed for night, and he gazed with agony upon the face of his ever-youthful love. 🔊

6. They laugh at the agony of unbelievers, mock at their tears, and of their sorrows make a jest. 🔊

7. Bereft even of the courage to die, they kneeled, praying that the agony of death might be past. 🔊

8. His eyes were strained and bloodshot, and his whole appearance was that of a person in an agony of terror. 🔊