Agreeable in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Agreeable

1. This was no agreeable news to me. 🔊

2. But this was by no means agreeable to me. 🔊

3. Randy was agreeable to the suggestion. 🔊

4. To what agreeable places you resort. 🔊

5. Harmony results from an agreeable contrast. 🔊

6. And surely he was a more agreeable dinner-companion. 🔊

7. But I found him a very intelligent and agreeable man. 🔊

8. Chook thought Mrs Partridge was an agreeable woman. 🔊

9. His jesting tone did not seem to be exactly agreeable to his wife. 🔊

10. It was delightful to her to see how agreeable everyone was to Rosamond. 🔊

11. An agreeable fellow, though not quite, I should say, to the manner born? 🔊

How to use Agreeable in Sentences?

1. What sort of person was he under the agreeable surface, this chosen husband of hers? 🔊

2. The boy was dutiful and affectionate, amiable in disposition and agreeable in manners. 🔊

3. Odours agreeable to Bakhtiari noses are wafted down to my tent, but I do not find them appetising. 🔊

4. He has an agreeable winning Countenance, and hazel Eyes, which are lively and sparkling. 🔊

5. Wherefore your arrival is the more agreeable to me, inasmuch as it has already been foreseen from the signification of the stars. 🔊

6. It was an agreeable variation from the monotonous routine of his voyage, and he felt that it was not unpleasant to her. 🔊

7. How can the one of these things be so utterly repugnant to the divine character, and the other so perfectly agreeable to it? 🔊

8. Of this the pretty window which forms the chief feature of the sketch under consideration, offers an agreeable proof. 🔊

9. Hubert was a great catch, and there were other young ladies eager to be agreeable to him; but he did not seem to desire flirtation with any. 🔊