Agreeable in a sentence

Definition of Agreeable

Pleasing, either to the mind or senses; pleasant; grateful. | (colloquial) Willing; ready to agree or consent. | Agreeing or suitable; conformable; correspondent; concordant; adapted; followed by to, or rarely by with.

How to use Agreeable in a Sentence?

  • What sort of person was he under the agreeable surface, this chosen husband of hers?
  • The boy was dutiful and affectionate, amiable in disposition and agreeable in manners.
  • The ride to the village of Gandaman, where we halted for two days, was an agreeable one.
  • Odours agreeable to Bakhtiari noses are wafted down to my tent, but I do not find them appetising.
  • He has an agreeable winning Countenance, and hazel Eyes, which are lively and sparkling.
  • It was an agreeable variation from the monotonous routine of his voyage, and he felt that it was not unpleasant to her.
  • Wherefore your arrival is the more agreeable to me, inasmuch as it has already been foreseen from the signification of the stars.
  • How can the one of these things be so utterly repugnant to the divine character, and the other so perfectly agreeable to it?
  • Here he returns to his psychology, and identifies the most agreeable impression made on the sensibility with an act of the will.
  • The effect of the clear running water in the immense tanks lined with blue tiles is most agreeable and cool.
  • Of this the pretty window which forms the chief feature of the sketch under consideration, offers an agreeable proof.
  • So agreeable a smell as burning walrus fat dispelled all distrust, and brought him within musket-shot.
  • Hubert was a great catch, and there were other young ladies eager to be agreeable to him; but he did not seem to desire flirtation with any.
  • He was also so constituted, that certain earthly objects were agreeable to him, and excited his natural appetites and desires.
  • He seems most anxious, not only to do everything right, but to make matters as pleasant and agreeable as possible for his cousin.
  • But if it had any concreated dispositions at all, they must be either right or wrong, either agreeable or disagreeable to the nature of things.
  • He had had so little of women's appreciation in his life that Drusilla's enthusiasm was not only agreeable but new.
  • I recall all the kindness you have ever shown me; for example, your causing my room to be whitewashed, which was an agreeable surprise to me.
  • I was glad to see you had him; for he is a very agreeable man when he chooses, but quite moody, and you never know what he is going to say.
  • This boy was tall and slender, and his face, though he had an elegant head, was too formed and adult to be agreeable or very taking for me.
  • The mind chooses objects, says he, not because they please it; but they are agreeable and pleasant to the mind, because it chooses them.
  • Well, there is a phase in every love affair, a sort of heroic hysteria, when death and ruin are agreeable additions to the prospect.
  • We have not met for many years, and if it is agreeable to you, I should like to see an old friend again.
  • Shortly I was supping in a neat little cottage, and endeavoring in the usual way to be agreeable to some one in muslin.
  • In the one case he was affable, winning, pleasant, full of those agreeable little surprises that in turn attract a woman.
  • And if so, then that Providence which is agreeable to such a choice, is a wise and holy Providence.
  • Extreme measures were, however, not agreeable to Epicureans, who in general had nothing but condemnation for civil war.

Short Example Sentence for Agreeable

  • This was no agreeable news to me.
  • Randy was agreeable to the suggestion.
  • But this was by no means agreeable to me.
  • Harmony results from an agreeable contrast.
  • To what agreeable places you resort.
  • And surely he was a more agreeable dinner-companion.
  • I find such details far more agreeable than literature.
  • Still, it is hardly more agreeable to encounter.
  • But I found him a very intelligent and agreeable man.
  • Chook thought Mrs Partridge was an agreeable woman.
  • His jesting tone did not seem to be exactly agreeable to his wife.
  • It was delightful to her to see how agreeable everyone was to Rosamond.
  • An agreeable fellow, though not quite, I should say, to the manner born?

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