Aided in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Aided

1. Kibei aided her by raising the old man. 🔊

2. Every wall, every hedgerow, every mound aided my going. 🔊

3. He had powerful friends who aided him in establishing an alibi. 🔊

4. The governments of some colonies have aided the efforts of the association. 🔊

5. This understanding is not intellectual, is not aided by scholarly attainments. 🔊

6. The resistance was furious; the thickness of the trees aided it. 🔊

7. One has aided one group of missionary societies hitherto, the other another. 🔊

8. The night was dark, and a light mist rising from the water further aided them. 🔊

9. To what that acquaintance led, aided by my weakness and love, alas! 🔊

10. And in this, he was ably aided and abetted by Reddy, the college trainer. 🔊

11. In fact, O'Naka in her charity aided her. 🔊

How to use Aided in Sentences?

1. And he had advised and aided her in the preparation of a wedding supper for two. 🔊

2. They were aided and covered also by a brig of sixteen and a schooner of ten guns. 🔊

3. This tracking is greatly aided if the field in which the birds are is bounded by stone walls. 🔊

4. Meantime, my preparations for departure, aided by my friends at the mission, had gone on apace. 🔊

5. Each aided and abetted the other, and all strove jointly to exalt their master, the Pope. 🔊

6. He glared with hate on Natsume, who now aided Akiyama in efforts to soothe his anger. 🔊

7. Such glaciation isolated segments of the population and aided their evolution into distinct species. 🔊

8. Of course this growth is to be accounted for very largely by the natural protection of cost of transport aided by tariffs. 🔊

9. In his efforts to unite them he was aided and supported in all that he did by the English officials. 🔊

10. Our adversaries consider that an activity which is neither aided by supplies, nor regulated by government, is an activity destroyed. 🔊

11. He also can be aided to see the pain of hatred, the misery of the life without friends, the joy of friendships. 🔊