Allison in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Allison

1. Mrs. Allison laughed out. 🔊

2. Mrs. Allison looked sympathetic. 🔊

3. In her agitation she turned to Allison for contradiction. 🔊

4. And two other things Allison had done. 🔊

5. Mrs. Allison tapped her lightly on the lips. 🔊

6. Mrs. Allison told me there was a show of them somewhere. 🔊

7. And suddenly Allison burst into a loud guffaw. 🔊

8. Queen Allison Walton. 🔊

9. I have examined material of both species from Allison Pass. 🔊

10. And it was Dexter Allison who first offered a hand. 🔊

11. The handclasp left Allison staring ruefully at his reddened fingers. 🔊

12. Steve's going left Allison frowning a little. 🔊

13. As Allison realized this, a sudden fierce satisfaction possessed him. 🔊

14. As Allison went into the house, he noticed signs of a vigorous cleaning. 🔊

15. But Allison gave him more notice than had his daughter Barbara. 🔊

16. For even at the age of ten Barbara Allison was not accustomed to inattention. 🔊

How to use Allison in Sentences?

1. It was Allison himself who first called attention to an unsawed log which was being discarded. 🔊

2. And when he had finished Allison sat quiet for a long time before he offered any reply. 🔊

3. He shook with scarcely suppressed laughter, but Allison ignored his senseless mirth. 🔊

4. Barbara Allison stood a long time motionless, her back to the motionless man so near her. 🔊

5. Mrs. Allison shook her head, endeavouring to suit her look to the gravity of the offence. 🔊

6. He only knew that he, too, felt unreasonably bitter against Allison for his burst of mirth. 🔊

7. She had found but small entertainment in the lady to whom Mrs. Allison had introduced her. 🔊