Allowed In A Sentence

Definition of Allowed

simple past tense and past participle of allow

How To Use Allowed In A Sentence?

  • Doubtless the lovers had not been allowed to marry in early life because he was poor.
  • I am allowed to have game; and the doctor said that fieldfares were very wholesome for me.
  • He allowed no individual and no corporation to infringe his smallest right and escape unpunished.
  • For my freemasonry or some other unexpressed reason, they allowed me to pass, wearing my overcoat.
  • It may even be allowed that the latter was principally intended in the communication to Rebecca.
  • The one ray of hope she allowed me was the fact that her winters were spent at Monte Carlo.
  • These bric-a-bracs were never allowed a peaceful day, a reposeful day, a restful Sabbath.
  • The nurse, Rosa, was not allowed to speak to the children otherwise than in German.
  • Even the short stop had allowed their horses a breathing spell and they could now ride more leisurely.
  • There never was a bit of acting in her, she was only allowed to grow in what seemed natural to her.
  • The inlet allowed a facility to bring the money in a boat secretly and at night to the very foot of the hill.
  • I then asked that we be allowed to build wigwams for shelter, as there was abundant material at hand.
  • It was also their privilege to keep still; they were not allowed to throw any light upon the discussion.
  • At any rate, the offence committed was of a gravity clearly beyond the limit allowed in the nursery.
  • After their shoes had been taken en off at the door of the presence-chamber, they were allowed to advance and kiss his hand.
  • Certainly they are; this is not denied; and yet we are not allowed to impute the moral quality of the acts to the agent in such cases.
  • If it is not required to use the cell at once, it may be placed on short circuit for a time and allowed to form its own zinc sulphate.
  • Custom, also, ought to be so amended as to require it; and without it no duel ought to be allowed to go on.
  • He had not as much opportunity for his civilities as Jimmy, never being allowed to leave our chambers.
  • At last the Pasha allowed him to write his letter in his own way, but took care that its purport should be emphatic and dictatorial.
  • He was also allowed the privilege of taking Brant along with him, should the chieftain be found willing to join his force.
  • The wing-clipped "Reds" were even allowed a certain latitude of free speech and thought about the war.
  • But we knew that for him there was no opportunity to do so; on the hoof he represented too many precious francs to be allowed to go into retirement.
  • Every precaution was taken by Colonel Guitar to guard against a night attack, but his little army was allowed to rest in peace.
  • Is it not strange that Mr. Hazlitt, after adopting this definition of liberty, should have supposed that he allowed a real freedom to the will?
  • I also supplicated Millicent to accompany me the next time I should be allowed to go, that she might see the beautiful work.
  • The letter was composed by the dragoman and forwarded to the United States, but Eaton was allowed to remain.
  • What dominated my thoughts, of course, was whether, after all, I was now to be allowed to remain in Germany.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Allowed | Allowed Sentence

  • Gold was not allowed to be exported.
  • He allowed his warriors to travel only every other day.
  • At last Ida was allowed to go out.
  • Neither were we allowed to receive letters ourselves from home.
  • It is then squeezed in a press and allowed to cool while under pressure.
  • Such as are not contraband of war, you will be allowed to retain.
  • She allowed him to draw her towards him, and then she broke away.
  • No member is allowed to open his mouth except at high-tide by the calendar.
  • I was never allowed the refreshment of a change, end-for-end.
  • Miss Moorsom wasn't allowed to see him.
  • I allowed that silence to work; I judged it would increase the effect.
  • Perhaps so, if he were allowed time to think; but I do not see at this moment.

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