Aloofness in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Aloofness

1. Nor was it an aloofness that would pass. 🔊

2. Somehow his cool aloofness daunted me a bit. 🔊

3. I thought that his aloofness puzzled rather than hurt her. 🔊

4. And he resented the cold aloofness of the scientist before him. 🔊

5. Neither yields that sense of aloofness which stirs melancholy. 🔊

6. The Satyrus tradition puts it down to his personal aloofness and austerity. 🔊

7. But he had pushed her away, as his aloofness had pushed Anne. 🔊

How to use Aloofness in Sentences?

1. They are subjective only as they express the aloofness of the scientific observer. 🔊

2. But she held herself with such a quiet aloofness that his victory was a barren one. 🔊

3. But this sentiment of personal aloofness led at once to a division of experience. 🔊

4. The chief received them with disdainful aloofness which amounted almost to contempt. 🔊

5. So science, the looking of science, means real aloofness and real disfiguration. 🔊

6. Greatness is more often attributed to outward aloofness and inactivity than to busy participation in the execution of a plot. 🔊

7. We could bring to its unraveling little of the scholarly aloofness and academic calm of most white universities. 🔊

8. Time and time again we had been tempted to explore it, but there was a sinister aloofness about it that had hitherto repelled us. 🔊

9. In the aloofness of his meditation he escapes the cloud of opinion and prejudice that obscures the vision of the common man. 🔊

10. The keenness of this pursuit saved him from the blemish of egoism which aloofness from his surroundings would otherwise have forced upon him. 🔊

11. With the cold aloofness of one who feels it more dignified to submit than to struggle, she allowed him to assist her in landing. 🔊

12. Dante played his part valiantly on the battle-field, then returned to wonderful aloofness from the strife of factions. 🔊