Aloud in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Aloud

1. He laughed aloud at the sanguineness of it. 🔊

2. Laugh aloud to feel your fingers let them through! 🔊

3. She was thinking aloud rather than speaking. 🔊

4. I screamed aloud for help and woke up. 🔊

5. At this he laughed aloud with an indecorous mirth. 🔊

6. He groaned aloud in his misery and awe. 🔊

7. And once, he spoke aloud to himself. 🔊

8. It bade the riders laugh aloud and fling their cares away. 🔊

9. King murmured aloud in Pashtu. 🔊

10. In an instant I cried aloud for joy. 🔊

11. He should read them aloud with appropriate voice and movement. 🔊

12. No talking aloud at night after nine o'clock. 🔊

13. Boyce spoke aloud and the crow continued its usual, strange squawk. 🔊

14. Every Sunday the priest reads aloud the names of those who have contributed. 🔊

15. All she said aloud was: "You need not have feared. 🔊

16. Then he read aloud with gusto: "Barbecued rabbit. 🔊

17. Then cried aloud and said, "O mighty one! 🔊

18. When I read German aloud they weep; you can see the tears run down. 🔊

19. But aloud he said, "Yes, it is about Chermside. 🔊

How to use Aloud in Sentences?

1. There was aloud cry that came from the midst of the crowd and everyone turned to it. 🔊

2. Each as his name was read aloud was made to step forward and cross to the other side. 🔊

3. There was the land, crying aloud of the fortunes lying hidden within its bosom. 🔊

4. The Generals scoff aloud at the thought of going to battle with a maid for leader. 🔊

5. She laughed aloud at the absurdity, and cut at the White Pony sharply with her whip. 🔊

6. Then I would write it down, and then read it aloud to Ed again, getting his corrections. 🔊