Although In A Sentence

Definition of Although

Though, even though, in spite of or despite the fact that: introducing a clause that expresses a concession. | But, except.

How To Use Although In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps he had done so, although it was unlikely, since the watcher had not seen him.
  • The voice is pleasantly sonorous, although affliction has somewhat deadened its lower notes.
  • They, too, can swim across rivers, and although their legs are short, they can run very fast.
  • Also retained is the conversion of degrees Reaumur to Fahrenheit although 16 deg.
  • Thone did not like my staying, but I would stay, although I did not once sit down.
  • But although the chill night had drawn them close together in the dog-cart, they were as widely separated as if oceans were between them.
  • They live on thorns and the top shoots of the gum-arabic tree, although it is armed with the most frightful spikes.
  • The coffee was horrible, although he suspected with much acuteness, that it was partly the fault of the milk.
  • But, although his knowledge in this field was of uncommon quality and amount, it does not seem to have surpassed his acquisitions in science.
  • They cannot climb a tree, as we do, although they can talk to each other, and make one another slaves.
  • He seemed to be eager to take as light a view of the matter as possible, although like one who contends against his own more sombre convictions.
  • The wax seal loosens around the edges and does not totally prevent creeping of the zinc sulphate salts, although nearly so.
  • Even so the human soul, although it be subjected to the powers of darkness for a season, may emerge into the light and blessedness of eternity.
  • The resistance material is either a resistance wire or a bit of carbon, the latter being the better material, although both are good.
  • Thus, although the general sentiment of the country was strongly in his favor, at Washington he made many enemies.
  • Your freedom would probably never have been granted to me but for my mission, although even that I might have tried to arrange.
  • I am here entirely owing to my health, or rather to the want of it, although I already feel better.
  • The passers by although less elegant in appearance than in Paris, look more picturesque and appear in a much greater variety of costume.
  • The conversation languished, although I fancied she had something particular to say, slight as was her success in saying it.
  • I love my dear old Jack, and would not have him beaten for worlds, although he is so wicked as to break the mowing-machine.
  • But we Western women, although we love our home, do not like to be locked up in it, be it ever so fair a house or garden.
  • I was however, very glad when the time came for our boat to leave for Sira; although the weather was unfavourable and foretold a bad passage.
  • How wise to foster such desires alone, As, although cross'd, are easily supplied!
  • Most of them were Circassians, and, although no such great beauties as they are reported to be, were good-looking, comely young women.
  • Such were the thoughts, I am convinced, which actuated Marmaduke, although he did not express them.
  • And I missed the presence of another man, of one who, although in another way, laboured as earnestly and successfully for his country.
  • They are usually ill-tempered to strangers; but I have never found one that would face a stick, although they can fight well when attacked.
  • I was not very deeply impressed; not even by the interior of the Cathedral, although I know it is wondrous grand and beautiful.
  • But, surely, we need have no weak fears on this ground; for although it may be too high for us, they do not pretend that it is too high for God.
  • I observe that Carl already feels thus, which is to me a proof that although thoughtless, his disposition is not evil; far less has he a bad heart.
  • I call him still by that name, although he was at this time merely my host, with whom I was stopping during one of my Oxford vacations.
  • It was the first time I had ever beene away from home without mamma in my life, although I was 13 yrs.
  • And although we gabbled freely enough, MacRae avoided all mention of the persons of whom I most wished to hear.
  • This very circumstance made the trance an indulgence, a spiritual intoxication, no less fascinating than that of the body, although accompanied by a similar reaction.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Although | Although Sentence

  • Rutledge smiled, although he still scowled disapproval.
  • This Wallie considered a very remote possibility, although he did not say so.
  • Fairburn Hall remained without a master, although not untenanted.
  • I thought papa was very funny, although I did not think him queer.
  • It was hard to convince Dan, although he knew Lawrence was right.
  • With child, it seems, although I never knew it Before this very day.

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