Amaze in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Amaze

1. For what event can amaze him? 🔊

2. These verdicts amaze me! 🔊

3. Wonder and amaze was on every face. 🔊

4. Their accomplishments would amaze them. 🔊

5. He has ideas that would amaze you. 🔊

6. A sort of amaze passed over her face. 🔊

7. That seemed to amaze her to a glory of belief. 🔊

8. In amaze and suspicion came the words. 🔊

9. In dumb amaze the other shook his head. 🔊

10. You amaze me, daughter! 🔊

11. The answer that came proudly back did not amaze him. 🔊

12. Sir, you amaze me with so strange a love. 🔊

13. His face was a puckered mask of amaze and incredulity. 🔊

14. My excellent friend, you amaze me. 🔊

15. The standing trees amaze one with their height and girth. 🔊

16. His fat face expressed ludicrous amaze at the impression. 🔊

17. My dear, there are moments when you positively amaze me. 🔊

18. The pigs stared up, and grunted in amaze at the stranger. 🔊

19. In his amaze Smith had forgotten fear. 🔊

20. Really Cousin, you amaze me. 🔊

21. My dear Major, you amaze me! 🔊

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