Ambulance in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Ambulance

1. Then we went out again to the ambulance and the rain. 🔊

2. The ambulance stopped with a jerk. 🔊

3. An ambulance rushed past. 🔊

4. Soon after he was gone the hospital ambulance arrived. 🔊

5. Channing saw the improvised ambulance with thanksgiving. 🔊

6. Far up the track an ambulance gong clanged frantically. 🔊

7. A white-garbed ambulance attendant turned to stare at her. 🔊

8. I can only remember the purr of a motor as an ambulance rushed up. 🔊

9. The shaking and jolting of that ambulance ride were something fearful. 🔊

10. One is commanding a Field Ambulance and goes with the fighting line. 🔊

How to use Ambulance in Sentences?

1. We were rushed to the ambulance and driven at maddening speed through the shell-ridden town. 🔊

2. The ambulance rolled up to the evacuation station, and my pastry cook alighted. 🔊

3. His body was brought back next morning in an ambulance on its way to Washington. 🔊

4. For three days and nights the Americans and all the other ambulance squads drove continuously. 🔊

5. The yak and donkey drivers were Tibetans, as also were many of the hospital ambulance carriers. 🔊

6. Shortly afterwards the ambulance drew up outside the Casualty Clearing Station. 🔊

7. Dusk came, then night, and finally the Ford ambulance cars which were to take us out of Hell. 🔊

8. The ambulance that picked him up was shelled and he had been taken from its bloody interior the only living soul of the crew and passengers. 🔊

9. Our ambulance car has been used every day since we came here, taking wounded from one hospital to another. 🔊

10. So into the ambulance I climbed with some difficulty, and immediately commenced my freemasonry on the driver. 🔊