Ancestor in a sentence

Definition of Ancestor

To be an ancestor of. | One from whom a person is descended, whether on the father's or mother's side, at any distance of time; a progenitor; a forefather. | An earlier type; a progenitor

Short Example Sentence for Ancestor

  • 1. My ancestor said the sky was just the thing.
  • 2. My ancestor was a great hand to keep things moving.
  • 3. Here lived an ancestor of mine, who was a herd of men.
  • 4. Dardanus was the ancestor of the Trojan line of kings.
  • 5. Want proof as to an ancestor in the reign of King Richard!
  • 6. Each ancestor has added his own to those previously existing.
  • 7. I saw that my great ancestor the printer suddenly rose up in that hem!
  • 8. DO you suppose you could get him interested in this ancestor business?
  • 9. Like his ancestor at Dunbar, he struck his tuning-fork on his sword.
  • 10. There was a stuffed bloodhound, the ancestor perhaps of Jove and Juno.
  • 11. Is it a pious offering to Apollo, the ancestor of the Ionian race?
  • 12. He is said to be the ancestor of the Bir hors, or jungle Santals.
  • 13. The evening had its defects; still, I got my ancestor in, and was satisfied.
  • 14. The, 40. Bradford, William, an ancestor of N. W.'s, 3.

How to use Ancestor in a Sentence?

  • 1. In this creature it has been supposed that we have a direct ancestor of the modern horse.
  • 2. The room is much the same as when my ancestor occupied it, for no one has slept in it since.
  • 3. Let this snug and peerless ancestor be saddled and I shall buy a ticket for the West.
  • 4. Cranstoun of that ilk, ancestor to Lord Cranstoun; and Gladstain of Gladstains.
  • 5. Then people thought of themselves as one with that ancestor whom they believed to be reappearing in them.
  • 6. The reason for this is the belief that the anito of the ancestor cares for and protects its descendants when they are abroad.
  • 7. Whether the fret was the ancestor or the descendant of the Swastika is of no moment to our present question.
  • 8. From this belief tribes took their names, each member tattooing the figure of his animal ancestor on his person.
  • 9. Her eyes wander vaguely along the floor; gradually they raise themselves to the portrait of her great ancestor opposite.
  • 10. Him nam'st thou ancestor whom all the world Knows as a sometime favorite of the gods?
  • 11. They are so thick then that I don't wonder my ancestor grew worried about the floor.
  • 12. If the first Galland were half a robber, to disguise the fact because he was her ancestor was not playing fair.
  • 13. Of one thing he was assured: somewhere in the dim past an ancestor of his had died in a Berserk rage.
  • 14. The hairy or scaly ancestor is the "totem" of the tribe, and they consider that animal sacred, and will not eat the flesh of it.
  • 15. The Nou-su believe in ancestor worship, and perhaps the most interesting feature of their religion is the peculiar form this worship takes.
  • 16. Whereas, if you say, Aye, but on that account why grant even so much distinction to the day as your ancestor does?
  • 17. The descendant of Buonarotti is now an old man, and fortunately rich enough to preserve the house of his great ancestor as an object of curiosity.
  • 18. Such was this great Cretaceous sea, in whose waters, with hundreds of other strange creatures, lived the ancestor of our leather tortoise.
  • 19. There is a tradition that in the thirteenth century a certain baron was incarcerated there by an ancestor of the present owner, and starved to death.
  • 20. Some ancestor had dowered him with a love of beautiful things, rugs, pictures, pottery, bronzes, music and a rather secluded life.
  • 21. Has not some American ancestor said, many years ago, that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God?
  • 22. His sensitively religious nature experienced in gazing at the moon an impression inherited from some remote ancestor who had actually made it the object of ardent worship.
  • 23. The terminology of the former system is based on the principle of reckoning the relationship of two people by the total number of steps between them and the nearest lineal ancestor of both.
  • 24. At all events, I will sit up with you to-night, and see if I can convert my ancestor into a visiting acquaintance.
  • 25. It was only in conditions akin to sleep, during which mankind came in contact with the spiritual world, that the remembrance of one ancestor or another again emerged.