Angry in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Angry

1. He was angry clear through. 🔊

2. Keith was angry in a moment. 🔊

3. This made him very angry all day. 🔊

4. They seemed to be very angry about something. 🔊

5. She was suddenly passionately angry with herself. 🔊

6. He had never heard before the hum of an angry crowd. 🔊

7. The words of angry defence faltered on his tongue. 🔊

8. At length His Majesty grew angry at the delay. 🔊

9. Don't be angry about my note. 🔊

10. He thought she was angry because he had refused to tell her his secret. 🔊

11. He was half angry with himself that it kept rising in his mind. 🔊

12. The angry flush faded from his cheeks as quickly as it had come. 🔊

13. How soothingly it sounded amidst the rough contention of angry men. 🔊

14. He waited and watched her, an angry light coming into his eyes. 🔊

15. There was a rustling in the bushes, an angry exclamation as well as a groan. 🔊

How to use Angry in Sentences?

1. She was angry with herself that she had allowed herself to become so interested in him. 🔊

2. She had taken her hands from his shoulders; there was an angry flush on her cheeks. 🔊

3. With ashes on her head, wept with the passion of an angry grief. 🔊