Answer in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Answer

1. Gray did not attempt to answer him. 🔊

2. Harding did not answer this time. 🔊

3. Gray made no attempt to answer him just then. 🔊

4. He dared not make any answer to himself. 🔊

5. He dared not answer that question. 🔊

6. Thais, first answer this! 🔊

7. She stepped aside, but did not answer him. 🔊

8. And, if you please, vouchsafe to answer me. 🔊

9. Gray returned his nod, but made no answer in words. 🔊

10. Order him To answer me. 🔊

11. I answer now for Menedemus. 🔊

12. What answer shall I give them! 🔊

13. The answer we obtain is, that God is just. 🔊

14. But he had to answer the question of what was to be done now. 🔊

15. Why don't you answer me? 🔊

16. He sees that it really cannot be made to answer such a purpose. 🔊

17. What, won't you answer me? 🔊

18. He looked me up and down curiously, and did not answer for a minute. 🔊

19. He shouted once or twice, but there was no answer nor sound of footsteps. 🔊

20. Yes; we again venture to answer for the unbiassed reason of man. 🔊

21. No; we venture to answer for the universal intelligence of man. 🔊

22. But since it was asked, she was bound to make the best answer she could. 🔊

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