Anxieties in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Anxieties

1. I forgot my own anxieties in my regret. 🔊

2. Free from the worlds anxieties and fear. 🔊

3. I do thank God that our anxieties have ended so. 🔊

4. The fearful anxieties I was in drove me to prayer. 🔊

5. The heaviest anxieties which beset a gondolier are then disposed of. 🔊

6. How heedless are we in youth, of all her anxieties and kindness. 🔊

7. At present he ascribed his anxieties to the disturbed state of the atmosphere. 🔊

8. He would see there only his natural anxieties being laid to rest for ever. 🔊

9. Morea, Nelson's anxieties about, ii. 🔊

10. In the midst of his anxieties he had to soothe the girl's fears. 🔊

How to use Anxieties in Sentences?

1. One of the inevitable anxieties was whether or not this crossing could be safely accomplished. 🔊

2. Perhaps the precariousness of her situation even turns my anxieties more strongly towards her. 🔊

3. They were, indeed, the reward that all his anxieties and schemings brought him. 🔊

4. He forgot in a moment the anxieties and worries of the day, and greeted her gayly. 🔊

5. Mrs Oliphant sighed when her daughter had poured out her anxieties and difficulties. 🔊

6. Else I could now, after my anxieties about the State, enumerate those relating to myself. 🔊

7. And she drew close to him as though seeking shelter against the anxieties and troubles of the world. 🔊

8. It would seem that the anxieties of getting money only beget the more torturing anxiety of how to keep it. 🔊

9. Shame upon it that the cares and anxieties which it behoves a man to bear should rest upon her shoulders! 🔊

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