Appalled in a sentence

Definition of Appalled

Shocked, horrified by something unpleasant. | simple past tense and past participle of appall | simple past tense and past participle of appal

How to use Appalled in a Sentence?

  • Everybody is appalled by its prevalence, but nobody seems to know what to do about it.
  • At first it was only the loneliness, the isolation and desolation of the thing which appalled him.
  • The driver hauled in his team again, and seemed to be appalled at the fate of his companion.
  • I did so, and was appalled to find I had taken between fourteen and fifteen hundred dollars.
  • But it was his first clear view of the Castle itself that appalled the American.
  • But why is it, every one seems appalled that I should travel over here without male escort?
  • The hideous staleness and torture of it all appalled him as he looked at this human personification of it in the crimson gown.
  • When he peered anxiously through the entrance of his wigwam at a little before midnight, he was appalled at the sight.
  • Be not appalled and terrified by this sight; keep your eyes fixed on the small light and it will grow.
  • We lay under our netting appalled at the profanity and ferocity of our foes, caught in a trap from which there seemed to be no escape.
  • He galloped back over the battlefield, a mile or so of open fields, and was appalled to see the havoc.
  • Wilding himself was appalled at the news for Monmouth was indeed going further than men had been given to understand.
  • Very likely the dread necessity of speaking to the visitor appalled him, and he desired to postpone the trying ordeal as long as possible.
  • Their gaoler, appalled at this cold-blooded order, refused to obey it unless the directions were more explicit.

Short Example Sentence for Appalled

  • The prospect appalled her.
  • She had appalled and shattered him.
  • To be alone appalled him.
  • She was appalled at the unreason of passion.
  • There was a second of appalled silence.
  • The strangeness of the situation appalled them.
  • This absolute surrender appalled her.
  • Frank was appalled at the extent of the destruction.
  • They stood appalled at the sight before them.
  • The suffering implied by the tone appalled her.
  • Mrs. Brophy was appalled at the magnitude of the idea.
  • Its remembrance held me appalled when I thought of it.
  • John's face appalled him.
  • He was almost appalled at the condition in which he found himself.
  • I suspect he was never so disgusted and appalled in his life.
  • At such times the lack of depth and significance in his work appalled him.
  • The power of the desert to lay bare the human soul appalled her.
  • Loving and trustful, these faint glimmerings of the truth appalled her.
  • The mind shudders, appalled at the immensity of the prospect.
  • She felt suddenly appalled at the future, and was afraid she might show it.
  • Four people, appalled by the stillness of the house, made an entrance.
  • I am appalled at the thought of what I have done to injure you.
  • The mere Germanisms of the novel rests and signs appalled me.
  • The cruelty of it, the sheer, epicurean viciousness, appalled her.
  • Rhoda's appalled eyes cut the Indian deeper than words.
  • The power and quiet majesty of the winter's night appalled him....

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