Appearance in a sentence

Definition of Appearance

The act of appearing or coming into sight; the act of becoming visible to the eye. | A thing seen; a phenomenon; an apparition. | The way something looks; personal presence

Short Example Sentence for Appearance

  • 1. His appearance was not encouraging.
  • 2. It has not even the appearance of reason in its favour.
  • 3. Our appearance in those days was not spick and span.
  • 4. Made his first appearance in France early in 1910.
  • 5. There was something in his appearance that interested me exceedingly.
  • 6. Was she trying to mislead him by an appearance of flippancy?
  • 7. It has the Name from the Appearance of an Angel to Pope St.
  • 8. His appearance was sufficiently striking to favour our dreams on his behalf.
  • 9. Nevertheless, her appearance at this time was no freak of chance.
  • 10. They both started talking together, describing his appearance and behaviour.
  • 11. My aunt, herself, seemed to be struck with the lonely appearance of the house.
  • 12. Papa's appearance has been described many times, but very incorrectly.
  • 13. But the men's appearance changed, and their clothes began to look shabby.

How to use Appearance in a Sentence?

  • 1. Against the black oak of the chimneypiece she had almost the appearance of a framed cameo.
  • 2. Their whole appearance and carriage left him in no doubt into what company he had fallen.
  • 3. The seats were like those which give a garden-like appearance to the tops of some omnibuses.
  • 4. The time was neither ripe for the solution of that problem, nor for the appearance of a Newton.
  • 5. The appearance of Ben Jolly somehow infused all hands with renewed vim and cheerfulness.
  • 6. Such was the carriage of Alderman Popkins, as it made its appearance at Terracina.
  • 7. That stranger knocking at the door and fleeing so swiftly at his appearance had come there to remove the body.
  • 8. The unexpected appearance of this document of warfare occasioned much speculation among my pacific companions.
  • 9. Her figure was small and dainty, and just at that moment she had an appearance of helplessness which was almost childlike.
  • 10. There is one kind which is produced by an instrument, and another in which the creator of the appearance is himself the instrument.
  • 11. As they make complete sense when the comma is reached, the second clause has the appearance of an afterthought.
  • 12. So they were apt to suspect either a second motive for my visit, or affectation in my appearance of enjoyment.
  • 13. He did not put in an appearance until it was time for me to step upon the platform in front of that great garden of young and lovely blossoms.
  • 14. As we are rational beings, so we are not tied down to that appearance of things which is presented to one particular point of view.
  • 15. Fifthly, it decorates itself in false analogies, and thereby assumes the imposing appearance of truth.
  • 16. He had scarcely the appearance of a man returned from a week or two of open-air life and indulgence in the sport he loved best.
  • 17. The sudden appearance of a dashing dragoon was an event in an old inn, frequented only by the peaceful sons of traffic.
  • 18. The gossip concerning this stranger's appearance in Dreymarsh was practically strangled.
  • 19. The other girl turned and walked into the room, selecting an easy chair and seating herself with every appearance of meaning to stay.
  • 20. Shortly we rounded a corner, and another shot rang out, followed by the appearance of two more mounted infantrymen.
  • 21. He will allow no more sin to make its appearance in the world, say they, than he will cause to redound to the good of the universe.
  • 22. It is only while we see amiss, and not while we see in part, that this problem must wear the appearance of a dark enigma.
  • 23. Breakfast had just been announced by Jolly and as usual all were hustling about to put in an appearance for the famous home-cooked meal.
  • 24. But how can that be a display of justice to us, which, according to all our notions, wears the appearance of the most frightful injustice?
  • 25. Our appearance in the long empty room at that early hour caused visible consternation amongst the China boys.
  • 26. With him there had come three strangers, who from their dress and appearance were inhabitants of the great desert to the north of Parrabang.
  • 27. The first thing that made its appearance was an enormous ham of a color and plumpness that would have inspired the pencil of Teniers.