Approach in a sentence πŸ”Š

Definition of Approach

(intransitive) To come or go near, in place or time; to draw nigh; to advance nearer. | (intransitive, figuratively) To draw near, in a figurative sense; to make advances; to approximate. | (transitive) To come near to in place, time, character, or value; to draw nearer to.

Short Example Sentence for Approach

  • 1. Yet somehow he hesitated to approach the subject. πŸ”Š
  • 2. With her approach the power of speech left him for a time. πŸ”Š
  • 3. He heard the survivor approach and his terror revived. πŸ”Š
  • 4. The approach of Gordon drew her attention to him. πŸ”Š
  • 5. We must be careful how we approach your queen, I see. πŸ”Š
  • 6. Was it for us to approach and ask of her what had been thus revealed? πŸ”Š
  • 7. There was not another boy in the school that could approach this feat. πŸ”Š
  • 8. I could never approach him with the confiding affection of a child. πŸ”Š
  • 9. But now was heard the approach of horses, and the cries of men. πŸ”Š
  • 10. They may approach to investigate, but for subjective purposes. πŸ”Š
  • 11. Those two girls never told me their surname nor let me approach their house. πŸ”Š
  • 12. These, on the approach of the gunboats, were abandoned, and their guns spiked. πŸ”Š
  • 13. The English traders there withdrew at the approach of the French. πŸ”Š
  • 14. Not a creature was allowed to approach save the general's cow. πŸ”Š

How to use Approach in Sentence?

  • 1. The tenacity with which she clung to it was her nearest approach to strong feeling. πŸ”Š
  • 2. Absorbed in these thoughts he did not notice the approach of a man along the grassy track. πŸ”Š
  • 3. Strict charge was given to the new sentinel to fire his musket on the first approach of an enemy. πŸ”Š
  • 4. But the canoes did not all approach the shore together, as they had done on the previous nights. πŸ”Š
  • 5. I never saw anything to approach them; they were far more natural than any paintings. πŸ”Š
  • 6. But it was towards the approach of evening that I felt the highest enthusiasm awakened. πŸ”Š
  • 7. Passage, and approach with Je rΓ©serve ma fermetΓ© Boldness to the Gates of Eternity. πŸ”Š
  • 8. In no case can the imitation ever approach a fair resemblance to the reality it is proposed to imitate. πŸ”Š
  • 9. Time and time again he had given warning of the approach of guerrillas, only to have his master meet them as friends. πŸ”Š
  • 10. But they did approach each other, by an irresistible affinity, and by the easy companionship of common tastes. πŸ”Š
  • 11. University dignitaries are his clients, and it would seem presumption for the mere untitled to approach him with a commission. πŸ”Š
  • 12. When salmon and trout are spawning their senses seem to become dulled, and then they are not difficult to approach in the water. πŸ”Š
  • 13. There was no mistaking the sensation which our approach occasioned when at last we reached the walls of the Castle. πŸ”Š
  • 14. I had had compliments before, but none that touched me like this; none that could approach it for value in my eyes. πŸ”Š
  • 15. These were all ladies; and as they wore no bonnets, they could not uncover, but at the same time they were not conscious of our approach at first. πŸ”Š
  • 16. He had given notice of the approach of Duncan's party, and to his surprise nothing had come of it. πŸ”Š
  • 17. Commissioners who were sent to represent the United States were not allowed to approach the place of meeting. πŸ”Š
  • 18. At times, I have been able to approach almost close enough to seize one of the miserable creatures. πŸ”Š
  • 19. One of them hearing his approach let go his prey, advanced towards him, and levelling the carbine which had been slung on his back, fired. πŸ”Š
  • 20. Taking sixty redskins and twenty-seven white men apparelled as Indians, he advanced so stealthily that his approach was unnoticed. πŸ”Š
  • 21. Richmond was his first objective point, and failing in the direct approach to the capital of the Confederacy, he moved upon it from the south. πŸ”Š
  • 22. Then I scanned the "smoots" and gates through which she passed, and was always careful to approach these laterally. πŸ”Š
  • 23. It was occupied so densely in front just now that it was hopeless to dream of an approach or appeal; I could never scale that human wall. πŸ”Š
  • 24. After destroying these, the next approach to cleansing Fairburn Hall was to discharge all the indoor domestics. πŸ”Š
  • 25. At the approach to the flower-bed the road divided and circumnavigated it, making a loop, which I have likened to the bowl of the spoon. πŸ”Š
  • 26. The morning being hazy, the French and Bavarians did not even suspect the approach of their enemies, and were completely taken by surprise. πŸ”Š