Aptitude In A Sentence

Definition of Aptitude

Natural ability to acquire knowledge or skill. | The condition of being suitable.

How To Use Aptitude In A Sentence?

  • Love of learning implies more than a natural aptitude for acquiring information.
  • Fortunately for literature, he has shown no very remarkable aptitude for politics.
  • I had no aptitude for that, and munition workers of our sex were not called yet.
  • For this she showed such aptitude and taste that Jemima spoke to her mother about it.
  • The aptitude shown by Eskimo in carving and drawing has been noticed by all travellers among them.
  • He had newspaper knowledge and aptitude for gathering what may be called information as distinguished from learning.
  • But what is the use of all these insinuations of aptitude for colonisation, when there is not such another man in the world?
  • They have common ground in their love and aptitude for science; yet each has something which the other lacks.
  • This is the common habit of all so-called educated people who have no metaphysical aptitude and no metaphysical training.
  • When he returned, he had not only forgotten all he had learned, but never showed the same aptitude again.
  • Everyone with the slightest aptitude for drawing was provided with paper and pencil, and taken out to sketch from nature.
  • Although he probably had no exceptional aptitude for politics, he was irresistibly drawn towards them by the stress of his interests.
  • Trying to find the truth in one of his stories severely taxes one's aptitude in long division.
  • He was gay and bright and bubbling over with life; he was quick with his work and had an aptitude for the pursuits that are valued among boys.
  • His great aptitude for the things of the spirit enabled him intuitively to realise this, to understand it, to use it.
  • The boy took little interest in his new work, but showed some aptitude for mechanical drawing and calligraphy.
  • If this aptitude and eagerness for trade be a fault, the Christians have themselves to blame for it.
  • I gathered that you want me to give intelligence tests, or aptitude tests, or something of the sort, to some of your employees.
  • They can oppress, but they have no aptitude for the wider forms of business and banking, building and organizing, or any form of creative work.
  • From nineteen to twenty-one I developed every aptitude and strengthened every faculty by constant practice.
  • There does not seem to be the same activity, energy, and business aptitude that exists in the Australian colonies.
  • They have great business capacities, and show some aptitude in the arts, especially in weaving and embroidery, but have little initiative.
  • Their aptitude in the manipulation of this material did not desert them when their talents were called into operation by their Christian Masters.
  • The West Indian has a religious capacity that impresses the visitor as a remarkable aptitude for things sacred.
  • His only claim on the generosity of his teacher and of the public was a marked aptitude for learning and an ardent desire for study and cultivation of mind.
  • The amusement had become a serious occupation, and her dexterity in catching them was only to be matched by her astonishing aptitude in killing them.
  • He appears to have had no peculiar or natural aptitude for this study; though he is said to have constantly blamed himself for not having gone more deeply into it.
  • Hozier had rented an entresol there, and had employed a man called Spain, who had an aptitude for this sort of work, to make a secret place in it.
  • You showed an aptitude for the work, and Mr. Rexford assured me that you were one of the very best clerks that ever worked for him.
  • Mosk inwardly cursed the visitor for making this modest request, as he detested parsons on account of their aptitude to make teetotalers of his customers.
  • Yet though the aptitude of women for novel-writing was thus early exemplified, it is not to be supposed that the majority of persons who felt the new influences were of that sex.
  • He showed in this and other voyages such aptitude for his duties that he was made an acting lieutenant by his commander previous to his receiving his commission from Government.
  • We were very often asked for cards, and at one place where we stopped and bartered a number of small articles with the natives they gave evidence of their aptitude at gaming.
  • The reserve officers have in general done remarkably well, and in many cases have shown quite exceptional aptitude for the rank of company commanders.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aptitude | Aptitude Sentence

  • There was no lack of aptitude to learn in her case.
  • Still, she had an aptitude to learn spelling.
  • He showed a real aptitude to imitate what he saw being done.
  • Nelson's aptitude at forwarding public service, 229.
  • I suppose I have what you would call a natural aptitude for it.
  • A French woman of the bourgeois class often has a real aptitude for business.

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