Arboreal in a sentence

Definition of Arboreal

Of, relating to, or resembling a tree. | Living in or among trees. | Any tree-dwelling creature.

How to use Arboreal in a Sentence?

  • A similar adaptation is shared by some other arboreal mammals, and of arboreal snakes.
  • Next morning Pomeroy learned that his new found arboreal friend was a Persian walnut.
  • In the vast assemblage of the arboreal commonwealth that carpets the landscape the centuries are represented one with another.
  • It is manifest that the great toes have been immensely developed since there took place the change from arboreal to terrestrial habits.
  • In the tropics it is particularly desirable to watch for the beautiful land snails, which are almost strictly arboreal in their habits.
  • Of the abundant smaller mammals, none are more attractive or beautiful than the arboreal squirrels, of which several species are widely known.
  • In the Pal├Žozoic age classes 3 and 4 culminated, and constituted the great mass of the arboreal vegetation.
  • As ever in the history of man, since the first father dropped down from his arboreal home and walked upright, so at Dawson.
  • As soon as our neighbors realized what horticultural possibilities our noble expanse of front yard offered they fairly overwhelmed us with floral and arboreal gifts.
  • Mary firmly believed that we should have got in time to our hairy ancestor with pointed ears and a tail, and have been able to ascertain whether he was arboreal in his habits or not.
  • This condition is adapted for the arboreal life which those animals live, leaping from branch to branch, feeding on fruits and leaves, and in some cases upon insects.

Short Example Sentence for Arboreal

  • Perhaps this is an inherited result of arboreal ancestry.
  • The arboreal vegetation of the country is magnificent.
  • He has a special line in arboreal villas.
  • Probably arboreal in his habits....
  • GUNTHER, Dr., on arboreal snakes, 55; on colouring of snakes, 102.