Arch in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Arch

1. Heralding the arch of peace. 🔊

2. Oh, you arch hypocrite! 🔊

3. And behind the arch a heap of wretched clay huts! 🔊

4. Yet with all its splendour of traceried arch it is a comfortless place. 🔊

5. The arch to the east of this doorway was cleared of masonry in 1840. 🔊

6. Brook struggled as he yelled, shaking the entire arch to which he was tied. 🔊

7. The water rises under an arch of the Early English, or Early Decorated period. 🔊

How to use Arch in Sentences?

1. The elaborate ornamentation of the arch under the canopy is worthy of attention. 🔊

2. Each arch has its own shaft, and the groups of five on each side are elaborately banded. 🔊

3. A fine walled up arch on the north side adds to rather than lessens our difficulties. 🔊

4. The reason for this peculiar combination of a new pier with an old arch is an interesting one. 🔊

5. Between each arch are columns, surmounted with armorial bearings, eagles, and grouped finials. 🔊

6. At Denver, just outside of the station, there is a great arch stretching across the street. 🔊

7. The arch opening into the north aisle shows a curious device for preserving a different level on each of its sides. 🔊

8. An arch covered this spot, where the water ran through two low arches on either side and was bridged in the midst by a pavement. 🔊

9. The arch of the sky was so sweeping, the prospect before them so gorgeous, the sunlight so hard, and the distances so clear! 🔊

10. The arch here introduced is not used structurally, but for the sake of a curved line, and acts simply as a pair of brackets. 🔊

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