Arm in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Arm

1. His arm fell by his side. 🔊

2. He passed his arm around her waist. 🔊

3. He passed his arm through the bridle of his horse. 🔊

4. I laid my arm on the piano, but scarcely knew how to begin. 🔊

5. Man renkte ihm fast den Arm aus. 🔊

6. Helen's arm was stiffened. 🔊

7. Each waiter took him by an arm and faced him about to conduct him away. 🔊

8. He moved his injured arm to show that he was by no means helpless. 🔊

9. Nora appeared, with her arm through her father's. 🔊

10. He let that Stafford pinch his arm twice without making a sign. 🔊

11. With a gallant flourish of his arm he looked for Miss Moorsom. 🔊

12. The Long Arm of the Law 7 II. 🔊

13. Then she felt an arm around her waist and her husband's whisper in her ear. 🔊

How to use Arm in Sentences?

1. She threw herself upon his arm and dragged down the revolver which he had raised. 🔊

2. Afterwards she laid her hand upon his arm and addressed him with an air of complete candour. 🔊

3. The unknown stretched his arm and raised the glass, taking it from me, to his lips. 🔊

4. Lady Beldi thereupon gave her arm to her friend and led her into the dining-room. 🔊

5. I told Santonio so much, as he stood next me, and curbed me with his arm from going forwards. 🔊

6. With a lovely protective movement the older woman put her arm about the girl's shoulders. 🔊

7. He seemed lost in thought, and sat looking upon the floor and drumming with his fingers on the arm of his chair. 🔊

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