Army in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Army

1. The army wing is responsible for the dirigible. 🔊

2. He had been in the army and used to paint a bit. 🔊

3. His army was now little more than a fleeing mob. 🔊

4. In 1909, his direct connection with the Army ceased. 🔊

5. At the end of 1912 the Army possessed two 70 h.p. 🔊

6. Ex-British Army officer. 🔊

7. Assistant Superintendent of the Army Aircraft Factory. 🔊

8. If an army had fallen from the sky they could not have been more astonished. 🔊

9. That army was accustomed to long marches, to hardships almost incredible. 🔊

10. We whipped them the first day; that is, Price's army did. 🔊

11. With such an army he would have swept the State clear of Federals. 🔊

12. P. L. 13 Japanese Army 8,500 m cubed. 🔊

13. P. L. 15 Italian Army 10,000 m cubed. 🔊

How to use Army in Sentences?

1. The academy by chance hung a portrait, so he left the army and turned portrait-painter. 🔊

2. Dunne was employed by the British Army authorities for secret aeroplane experiments. 🔊

3. Opposed to him was General Blunt, with an army of not over seven or eight thousand men. 🔊