Army in a sentence

Definition of Army

A large, highly organized military force, concerned mainly with ground (rather than air or naval) operations. | The governmental agency in charge of a state's army. | (figuratively) A large group of people working toward the same purpose.

Short Example Sentence for Army

  • 1. The army was rapidly mobilized.
  • 2. Mobilization of the army was rapidly effected.
  • 3. The army wing is responsible for the dirigible.
  • 4. His army was now little more than a fleeing mob.
  • 5. He had been in the army and used to paint a bit.
  • 6. Her hastily levied army presented a formidable force.
  • 7. In 1909, his direct connection with the Army ceased.
  • 8. At the end of 1912 the Army possessed two 70 h.p.
  • 9. Ex-British Army officer.
  • 10. Assistant Superintendent of the Army Aircraft Factory.
  • 11. If an army had fallen from the sky they could not have been more astonished.
  • 12. The wild flight of one part of the army had demoralized the other.
  • 13. Within a year she had created an army of four million men.
  • 14. But within a year she had created an army of four million men.
  • 15. That army was accustomed to long marches, to hardships almost incredible.
  • 16. Buell's army will be driven across the Ohio.
  • 17. The Army aerial force will be commanded by 2 inspector generals.
  • 18. We whipped them the first day; that is, Price's army did.
  • 19. With such an army he would have swept the State clear of Federals.
  • 20. P. L. 7 Russian Army 7,600 m cubed.
  • 21. P. L. 15 Italian Army 10,000 m cubed.
  • 22. P. L. 14 Russian Army 9,500 m cubed.
  • 23. P. L. 13 Japanese Army 8,500 m cubed.
  • 24. P. L. 17 Italian Army 10,000 m cubed.

How to use Army in a Sentence?

  • 1. The academy by chance hung a portrait, so he left the army and turned portrait-painter.
  • 2. He halts his little army outside the village, to give the rearmost time to come up.
  • 3. Dunne was employed by the British Army authorities for secret aeroplane experiments.
  • 4. Opposed to him was General Blunt, with an army of not over seven or eight thousand men.
  • 5. At end of March, 1913, the effective Army aeroplanes consisted of three 50 h.p.
  • 6. Subsequently built the first British Army dirigible, and an experimental Army aeroplane.
  • 7. Formerly in command of British Army aviation headquarters, Farnborough, 1909-10.
  • 8. At the end of March, 1913, the Army possessed 1 monoplane, 1 biplane, and 2 biplanes building.
  • 9. Many of them were unarmed, but he had a formidable host in comparison to the small army opposed to him.
  • 10. Hubert joined in these discussions willingly, but he could not bring himself to accept the army or the bar.
  • 11. As he was looking, to his astonishment, what seemed to be an army came pouring into the valley from the north.
  • 12. Wenzinger had scarcely made the necessary preparations when word was brought to the Prince that the army was in battle array.
  • 13. It was an army of blue-jerseyed fishermen which patted him on the back and welcomed him, lanterns like the stars flashing everywhere around.
  • 14. Ali Pasha tore his beard in impotent rage on perceiving that he and all his host were at the mercy of an army even now much weaker than his own.
  • 15. The news that they were to attack Corinth fired the army with enthusiasm, and eagerly did they go forward to what they thought was certain victory.
  • 16. Then they were to co-operate with an army moving up from Arkansas, and the State would be redeemed.