Asphalt in a sentence

Definition of Asphalt

To pave with asphalt. | A sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid, composed almost entirely of bitumen, that is present in most crude petroleums and in some natural deposits. | asphalt concrete, a hard ground covering used for roads and walkways.

How to use Asphalt in a Sentence?

  • As before she hugged jealously her proclaimed freedom of asphalt and electric lights.
  • Footsteps began to clatter through the asphalt court and there came the rattle of milk-cans.
  • Children littered the few inches of asphalt which served as front garden to the two houses.
  • Black and shiny, the asphalt roadway appeared to go on in a straight line forever and forever.
  • Then, as though at random, he crossed the wet asphalt and vanished down a side street.
  • The wooden cover is of kiln-dried white wood thoroughly coated with two coats of asphalt paint.
  • It ended at the paving of asphalt which led up to the gates of the Mapleton stables.
  • Women and children knelt on the cold asphalt and prayed God would be merciful to them.
  • I coated the wounds with grafting-wax, latex, cellophane, asphalt and paraffine.
  • The Gulf petroleum contains a large amount of asphalt and a small amount of gasolene and lamp oil.
  • It was difficult to believe that the asphalt court had ever been frozen and turned into a skating rink.
  • Over the asphalt and over the green grass-plots of the square the shadows of the venerable elms wove a shifting maze of tracery.
  • Quiet with the peace of a humming top; warm with the heat generated from mellow asphalt and resinous wood-paving.
  • They veered a corner sharply, skidding on the wet asphalt and all but grazing the rear wheels of a recreant taxicab.
  • A narrow strip of asphalt ran across the housefrontage, turning in a generous elbow and then back the depth of the lot.
  • The streets themselves, save for the strip of asphalt where the state highway sweeps through the town, are largely paved with hard red bricks.
  • As the drops began to thicken upon the warm, sun-baked asphalt under foot Lloyd sharply quickened her pace.
  • He walked by hedges beyond the end of Mt. Alban's asphalt out into the suburbs.
  • A very good quality of asphalt is obtained in different parts of the island, and considerable quantities have been shipped to the United States.
  • Now and again he glanced from the printed pages out of his window at the asphalt path leading from the gate to his front door, not so much because he expected a patient as from mere habit.
  • Moreover, his timidity had worn off by contact with his gay companions, and he returned to the provinces despising everyone who had not with varnished shoes trodden the asphalt of the boulevards.
  • The action of light on the asphalt solution is to render it insoluble in turpentine, so that if a sufficiently exposed plate is immersed in pure turpentine the lines, etc.
  • As Arthur walked over the asphalt pavement there was nothing to remind him of the great crowds of the last few days but the shells of the pea-nuts crunching under his feet.
  • This is the only place in Serbia where there are wood and asphalt roads, all the other roads are in a terribly cobbly state, and in a most deplorable condition.
  • A railroad asphalt paving plant was purchased but not used during the 1918 season, since no bituminous pavements were constructed, under new contracts, in that period.

Short Example Sentence for Asphalt

  • She watched them recede down the narrow asphalt of the parkway.
  • I began to feel like a street just before they put the asphalt down.
  • This petroleum also contains asphalt and other chemical products.
  • The bluecoat shuffles his flat feet on the greasy asphalt below.
  • Now they were rolling over the smooth asphalt at twenty miles an hour.
  • When they reached the park, they sat on a seat facing the asphalt path.

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