Assent in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Assent

1. To this he had to assent that they were not. 🔊

2. Cornelius bowed his assent with a shudder. 🔊

3. George made the sign of assent expected of him. 🔊

4. A short nod of assent was her reply. 🔊

5. The waiter bowed his assent and retired. 🔊

6. There was an audible murmur of assent from the people. 🔊

7. The man made a sign of assent and withdrew. 🔊

8. She made no sign either of assent or dissent. 🔊

9. She could hear a muffled assent as she left the room. 🔊

10. A strong chorus in assent murmured around the board. 🔊

11. I assent me well thereto, said the king. 🔊

12. I assent me, said Arthur. 🔊

13. He is thereon asked, Does he assent to the formula? 🔊

14. And who can compel you not to assent to an appearance that is true? 🔊

15. And who can compel you to assent to an appearance that is false? 🔊

16. That assent he felt that he should not be able to give in person. 🔊

17. I see that when you gave your assent you had something else in your mind. 🔊

18. He was so frightened that he even nodded assent to her last words. 🔊

19. A murmur of assent went around the circle as the speaker resumed his seat. 🔊

20. But she was a passing good woman, and would not assent unto the king. 🔊

21. I cannot imagine Lincoln refusing his assent to this measure. 🔊

22. The main thing, then, is to give intellectual assent to dogma and creed. 🔊

How to use Assent in Sentences?

1. The others nodded their assent and an instant later the machine darted southward at a rapid gait. 🔊