Asses in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Asses

1. And they mounted their asses again. 🔊

2. Twenty thousand asses for their carriages. 🔊

3. We were asses not to have thought of it when we came in. 🔊

4. What a set of barren asses are actors! 🔊

5. A couple of asses brought skins of wine. 🔊

6. Men with asses follow caravans and collect it in bags. 🔊

7. But since there is no danger now, let us buy asses again. 🔊

8. And Lamme and Ulenspiegel mounted upon their asses again. 🔊

9. Their goods are being unloaded from the troops of asses which bore them. 🔊

10. So it could if those young fellows had not made asses of themselves. 🔊

11. Saul is not the only man who has gone in search of asses and found a kingdom. 🔊

12. Ulenspiegel said not a word, and both got up on their asses once more. 🔊

13. Pack of asses that you are, couldn't you leave me alone? 🔊

14. The asses of Africa can do more on an occasion of this kind than our own. 🔊

15. Yes, I trow there are, and better ones than in this land, and asses and mules. 🔊

How to use Asses in Sentences?

1. It is different now from the day when a woman groped her way in agony to the asses and the stall. 🔊

2. When he recovered, fresh misfortunes followed, and finally all the riding asses died. 🔊

3. And I am told that they could ride on asses in certain towns and walk on foot in others. 🔊

4. I' faith, 'tis high time for your betters to stop their ears, when asses jog to the pipe. 🔊

5. The asses of Africa are finer than those in the north; but this is fine for an African. 🔊

6. About nightfall, having left their asses at Stockem, they entered into the city of Antwerp. 🔊