Assessment in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Assessment

1. Describe the assessment of the various taxes. 🔊

2. How wrong I have been in my assessment of your character. 🔊

3. The basis of assessment for each has been the subject for much controversy. 🔊

4. The question remains how this optional assessment of the sexes is effected. 🔊

5. The assessment becomes inelastic and approximates to a fixed sum. 🔊

6. Secondly, they wished a definite assessment imposed on each province. 🔊

7. Budget Assessment of the Burghers.--3. 🔊

How to use Assessment in Sentences?

1. These rentals are based upon the full assessment of the houses that they live in. 🔊

2. But once courts and legislatures accepted that software is copyrightable, that assessment changed. 🔊

3. It would be forty or fifty days before another assessment could be made and the money collected. 🔊

4. The bases of assessment for men and women should be those discussed and approved in the preceding section. 🔊

5. The net assessment for Ireland was, in 1854, L21,334,448; and in 1892, L26,851,585. 🔊

6. Secondly, as to the basis of assessment of the living wage, and the procedure by which it should be fixed. 🔊

7. A taxation based on an assessment of less than one-third the rate, which is applied to the average farmer of the republic. 🔊

8. And to give him a tomb worthy of his glory, they voted an assessment of two days' pay. 🔊

9. Either from accident or design, the mode of assessment seemed to unite the substance of a land to the form of a capitation-tax. 🔊

10. We felt that the dirt which had accumulated upon us since then would subject us to assessment as real estate if we were in the North. 🔊

11. The date at which property is annually reckoned for assessment is in Massachusetts the first day of May. 🔊

12. Greater strictness in assessment was sought by the appointment of commissioners for each county, supplied with special instructions as to taxable goods and exemptions. 🔊

13. It was also a district for the assessment and collection of the national taxes; in each parish the assessment was made by a board of assessors chosen by popular vote. 🔊

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