Assuage in a sentence

Definition of Assuage

(transitive) To lessen the intensity of, to mitigate or relieve (hunger, emotion, pain etc.). | (transitive) To pacify or soothe (someone). | (intransitive, obsolete) To calm down, become less violent (of passion, hunger etc.); to subside, to abate.

Short Example Sentence for Assuage

  • 1. She will assuage it as is well.
  • 2. Even that could not assuage her.
  • 3. Would you in heaven not assuage and shrive me?
  • 4. He rubbed it, hoping to assuage the pain.
  • 5. But what could I say to assuage it?
  • 6. Know, I can straight assuage it!
  • 7. Even this wholesale massacre did not assuage the wrath of the corsair.
  • 8. A gentle word on this head would immensely assuage my curiosity.
  • 9. The Manitos consulted what to do to assuage his melancholy and his wrath.
  • 10. Italy did much to assuage Margaret's chagrin.
  • 11. Nothing now could assuage Terence's anxiety.
  • 12. A flask of good Rhenish will soften and assuage thy humours.
  • 13. In this I used a little deceit, but it was to assuage his grief.
  • 14. Mr. Temple's call had done nothing to assuage Frank's anxiety.

How to use Assuage in a Sentence?

  • 1. To assuage her misery she betook herself to study and the composition of essays and poetry.
  • 2. No sophistry I could summon was sufficient to assuage the poignancy of this sentiment.
  • 3. He knew the voice of birds, how fires to mitigate, assuage and quench; sorrows to allay.
  • 4. And what shall assuage his dark despair, But the penitent cry of humble prayer?
  • 5. It was the last mortification; and all our protestations were powerless to assuage the sting to her sensibilities.
  • 6. At first he tried to explain himself and assuage her grief over what she called his desertion of their common ideals.
  • 7. It was a while before the son could assuage his qualms and feel himself free to go forward in the prosecution of his desire.
  • 8. Drollo's hunger was of the chronic kind: it seemed impossible either to assuage it or to fill him.
  • 9. Fortunately they were able to assuage their thirst at a rivulet that trickled down the mountainside, but the pangs of hunger had become most acute.
  • 10. In the fearful paroxysm that compressed his throat he could find no other words to assuage his rage or to pour forth his woe.
  • 11. Thither she went: with what intention she scarcely knew, but to assuage her conscience by telling him how much she pitied him.
  • 12. He hadn't any assurance within him of the force to assuage an indignation he understood though he couldn't feel it.
  • 13. As the guard had said, they were evidently somewhat out of hand, and the looting of the public-houses had not tended to assuage their wrath.
  • 14. It was Roger's first experience in trying to assuage the grief of any one else.
  • 15. But the first egg undoubtedly did assuage the pangs of hunger; the second assuaged them still more, and the third quite extinguished them.
  • 16. Animals, when thirsty, repair to the brook to quench their thirst; when wounded, to assuage the pain.
  • 17. Tears, sobs, and cries proclaimed her anguish incessantly, notwithstanding the attempts of friends to assuage her sorrow.
  • 18. Van Tricasse found it impossible to assuage his thirst, and remained in a state of rabid semi-intoxication.
  • 19. The taste was anything but pleasing, and he had great difficulty in swallowing; but he finally managed to assuage his hunger, and felt better.
  • 20. It was as well I should think so, and it served to soften the grief and assuage the intensity of the sorrow the event caused me.
  • 21. One soul, however deeply loved, cannot heal the wounds dealt to love by another, though it may assuage them.
  • 22. If she but knew with what honor I was received, would not the thought go far to assuage the grief our separation cost her?
  • 23. The roar and crash, indeed, and the monstrous buffetings of tormented air, seemed to assuage the long ache of his home-sickness.
  • 24. Her grief was so great, her despair so hopeless, that Cleek forbore attempting to assuage either by any words of sympathy or promise.
  • 25. But as it chanced that her address was unknown to the volunteer constabulary, they had to assuage their ardour by thinking the dog luckier than they.
  • 26. Methuselah now cast about him for some occupation which would take up his attention and assuage his wild, passionate grief over the loss of his father.