Astute in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Astute

1. Trimble inspected them as an astute banker should. 🔊

2. The astute lady had found out she was being watched. 🔊

3. He was too astute to injure his right wrist. 🔊

4. He felt that he had outwitted the astute usurer. 🔊

5. That astute person turned out but too true a prophet. 🔊

6. He was much too astute a customer to be judged superficially. 🔊

7. The astute conspirators had fully laid their plans as to what was to follow. 🔊

8. Amelia was never especially astute in the manner of danger signals. 🔊

9. It was the most fallacious dream that a really astute man ever indulged in. 🔊

10. Captain Bertram was astute enough to see that he played his best card here. 🔊

11. The astute captain, however, guessed her feelings, and chuckled inwardly. 🔊

12. An astute observer might have found O-liver cynical about women. 🔊

13. The letter was unsigned, but the handwriting that of my astute agent, Sander. 🔊

How to use Astute in Sentences?

1. What had become of the astute plan of operations which the little man had laid down? 🔊

2. He required a just and astute judge to decide some vexed question of the first importance. 🔊

3. There were at least a dozen of them and her astute old mind leapt straight at the truth. 🔊

4. I also visited his Italian colleague, an astute diplomat, thoroughly versed in German statecraft. 🔊

5. Most of it treats you as though you were a two-dollar a day laborer; some of the more astute are puzzled. 🔊

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