Asylum in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Asylum

1. He was not a hunted fugitive seeking asylum at the altar. 🔊

2. The same year, 1842, the orphan asylum was opened. 🔊

3. Orphan Asylum at Albany, 222. 🔊

4. An asylum for landsmen who would rather die of drink than be seasick. 🔊

5. Some noted characters have found an asylum here, first and last. 🔊

6. Near the ascent to the Capitol was the asylum (Cities of refuge). 🔊

7. When the Asylum sold the property in 1853 it moved to Washington Heights. 🔊

How to use Asylum in Sentences?

1. So that the function of the serdab was to afford a safe and final asylum to the statues. 🔊

2. She took her to an asylum for fallen women and made an application for her, but was refused. 🔊

3. My mother was the inmate of the asylum for two years, though she was cured in less than one. 🔊

4. She has already induced twenty-two of these girls to enter the asylum at Sachsenhausen. 🔊

5. All I wanted was quiet, and an asylum which inferred no obligation to strangers. 🔊

6. When he had gone the professor remarked that John Bennett was far nearer an asylum than a prison. 🔊

7. I knew Angello at the lunatic asylum at Rennes, where I was placed at the same time as he. 🔊

8. Nobody except Miss Lucy Armacost would have thought of starting an orphan asylum with one orphan. 🔊

9. To the asylum offered by the Low Countries the Scrooby Separatists resolved to flee. 🔊

10. After having been discharged from Claybury Asylum she was sent to Colney Hatch Asylum. 🔊

11. Outside of them the work of psychotherapy in the insane asylum meant essentially improvement and relief only. 🔊

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