Athletes in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Athletes

1. The athletes wrestled. 🔊

2. Our athletes lead the world. 🔊

3. Firemen are athletes as a matter of course. 🔊

4. Upon this athletes as well as singers are agreed. 🔊

5. That is a trick known to athletes the world over. 🔊

6. The amateur rules for college athletes are too stringent. 🔊

7. A handful of athletes had routed Asia. 🔊

8. It is upon this principle that our athletes acquire and maintain condition. 🔊

9. The athletes felt themselves different men as they advanced across the arena. 🔊

10. These two gentlemen were well-known leading amateur athletes in their day. 🔊

11. Beautiful bronzed athletes at exercise, a delightful sight, statues in motion. 🔊

12. These Athletes are the very epitome of the work of Michael Angelo. 🔊

How to use Athletes in Sentences?

1. The hushed stadium could hear the pants of the athletes as they locked closer, closer. 🔊

2. So common is the practice of paying athletes that they sometimes apply to various colleges for bids. 🔊

3. His movements are deliberate rather than impulsive, indicating what athletes call staying qualities. 🔊

4. It is usual for these athletes to take part in funeral or wedding processions, and to escort the princes on journeys. 🔊

5. The heralds ran down the soft sands to a narrow mound of hardened earth, and beckoned to the athletes to follow. 🔊

6. The sunlight caught the turn of the wet oars and outlined the brown muscular backs of the young athletes who were pulling the narrow shells. 🔊