Attracts in a sentence

Definition of Attracts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of attract

Short Example Sentence for Attracts

  • 1. Nothing here attracts me.
  • 2. It is the lava which attracts me now.
  • 3. How that last subject attracts me!
  • 4. Irritability never attracts business.
  • 5. Their buzzing attracts others.
  • 6. What shocks others in you is just what attracts me.
  • 7. What attracts us to those great scenes of nature?
  • 8. The life which attracts is generally the one to be avoided.
  • 9. A moving object attracts attention and holds interest.
  • 10. Like creates like, and like attracts like.
  • 11. Religious ritual attracts because there is some sense in it.
  • 12. Strength attracts and weakness repels in the long run here as elsewhere.
  • 13. The stream that attracted the earliest visitors attracts later ones as well.
  • 14. But it attracted him, all the same, as the light attracts a moth.
  • 15. A rather large deal case, covered with a tarpaulin, attracts my attention.
  • 16. Delhi had drawn them as Monte Carlo attracts the gamblers of all Europe.
  • 17. Suddenly a movement to the right attracts Nakeesa's attention.

How to use Attracts in a Sentence?

  • 1. Deep feeling attracts to itself such elements of language as serve best to conduct it.
  • 2. His diminutive size attracts attention even from those who rarely notice such things.
  • 3. Then it is not what he did that attracts the notice of the younger sort, but what he left undone.
  • 4. The magnet no longer attracts it; carbon disulphide will not dissolve sulphur from it.
  • 5. Light attracts salmon just as it attracts birds, and tar brands are frequently used by poachers.
  • 6. Black-game are as keen as red grouse on oats, and a few sheaves thrown about always attracts them.
  • 7. But Perpignan being at the end of everywhere and leading nowhere attracts very few visitors.
  • 8. Change the fact, just for one second, that matter attracts matter, and a god appears.
  • 9. There was something theatrical and grandiloquent about him, and he seemed to pose like an actor who attracts admiration.
  • 10. The sun attracts both earth and moon, but their nearer affection for each other keeps them from going apart.
  • 11. His clothes have taken on them the duns and browns of the moorlands; and he owns the subtle influence which attracts wild creatures to him.
  • 12. This eminently successful institution attracts young people from all parts of our land and this last year from twelve foreign countries.
  • 13. Exquisite in plumage, it attracts attention still more particularly while building, both the male and the female working so hard.
  • 14. I believe it attracts phantasms in just the same way as do certain people, myself included, and certain kinds of furniture.
  • 15. Besides these, we have a gigantic telescope, which attracts a great deal of attention from the crowd of people who are walking down the aisle.
  • 16. But it is something else than music or sermons which attracts to these two all people who are in trouble, or in need; all derelicts of life.
  • 17. The back end of this section is perforated or grated to admit light, which attracts the frightened animal and induces him to pass toward the light.
  • 18. The other, however, rubs the sealing wax with a woolen rag, and then shows that it attracts small particles.
  • 19. The next thing that attracts our attention is a flight of winding stairs, composed of three, five and seven steps.
  • 20. Their chirping attracts the attention of the birds overhead, and, alighting on the tree, the great majority are glued to the twigs.
  • 21. Thus whether they said that matter attracts matter, or that young lady attracts young gentleman, they were using one word in one sense.
  • 22. For the same reason it attracts low-caste Hindus, for though it does not ostentatiously denounce or defy caste, it has the courage to ignore it.
  • 23. A small forked stick is made to support the head and neck of the decoy "dummy," which, if there are birds in the vicinity, soon attracts them.