Auspicious in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Auspicious

1. On some auspicious day. 🔊

2. The auspicious week dawned. 🔊

3. Here was an auspicious beginning to a serious conversation! 🔊

4. The game ended in the most auspicious way possible. 🔊

5. Finally, in the year 1886, the auspicious moment arrived. 🔊

6. Oh spring to light, auspicious Babe, be born! 🔊

7. Cynthia had entered Wall Street at an auspicious moment. 🔊

8. This joyous and auspicious occurrence surpassed my fondest hopes. 🔊

9. In short, Dr. Egerton arrived at the most auspicious moment possible. 🔊

How to use Auspicious in Sentences?

1. The circumstance was the most auspicious that could occur, as it enabled us to pass unobserved. 🔊

2. An auspicious circumstance conspired to forward the astronomical discoveries of Kepler. 🔊

3. The night was so auspicious for this diversion that I could not resist the temptation. 🔊

4. It could not have happened at a more auspicious moment as far as the British Navy was concerned. 🔊

5. On this auspicious occasion the clerk of the weather had granted the hostess an especially fine day. 🔊

6. It is an auspicious time therefore to become acquainted with the weaknesses of our character without losing its force. 🔊

7. This was a most auspicious beginning, showing a certain improvement of method on the part of the majority. 🔊

8. The position of the planet was most auspicious when in the first face of the house; if in the third its favorable influence was doubtful. 🔊

9. We entered at that auspicious moment when nearly the whole of the company were assembled, and before the actual business of the evening commenced. 🔊